Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things You Can Do in 9 Years...

1. On average, go to high school and college
2. Raise a 9-year-old, obviously
3. Fight in the War of the Grand Alliance (aka The Nine Years War)
4. Date and then marry your best friend.

Scott and I, October 14, 2000, heading to Homecoming, where following the dance he'd ask me to be his girlfriend. I never say no to this guy =)


Natalie Michele said...

I love this picture! I think its so awesome to have pictures like these...Ro and I have so many from back in h/s. Its so neat to see the evolution of each other...although at times it makes us wish we used to look like we did back in the day =)

Erin said...

Hah, I hear you Natalie! I am even talking to an OC Register columnist about doing a feature article on all of the high school sweethearts that have turned into marriages from LHS-it's really shocking when you think about how many!