Monday, November 28, 2011


Thanksgiving started early for us with a brunch on the Calabrese side at my grandparents' assisted living home on Sunday, November 20. I think we may have been one of the largest families there-all 19 of us--one grandma, four kids and 5 spouses, six cousins, and a senior center entertainer in Pilgrim gear. My brain was focused on my omelet so there is no picture sadly.

For the long weekend, Scott and I traveled to Blythe for a Haselton Thanksgiving with his dad's side of the family. His aunt and uncle very kindly hosted us and other members of the family for a few days while still managing to do a sit down dinner for 21. I'm guessing they are enjoying the peace now!

Bonfires and babies

The trip was very fun to see family and finally become acquainted with my second amendment rights.

Scott and Tim, Robert pulling the pigeons.

Audra had way better form.

And for my dad who will appreciate it-the first shot, atrocious form, nerves, and all:

The Haselton women did exceptionally-shooting pigeons, bottles, cardboard left and right. I shot one pigeon and felt good about finally getting comfortable with such a powerful weapon. Holding a shotgun certainly brings out one's inner badass.

We capped off the weekend with a wine and game night with Scott's coworkers and a Sunday night turkey roll. All in all a great Thanksgiving.

Big thanks to the Maltby's who hosted the holiday-we had a great time!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Moose Lodge

Tuesday night Scott and I ventured to the Anaheim Moose Lodge with our friends Virginia and Shawn, where Gigi's dad is a Moose.

Cheap drinks, great company, and good times had by all. I even stayed out until 11 on a work night.

Posted via my iPhone. Not sure why the photos are ginormous.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The day I learned to sew.

It's been a long, sweaty, frustrating road. Two dropout classes, several YouTube attempts, and many tutorial reads later, we have this:

Three words: mother knows best.

Actually my mom is not that way, but a few hours with her were far superior to the previous classes I've attempted. There is something to be said for one-to-one teaching for sure.

Now I have a pink and plaid Hawaiian print Christmas stocking as my first real project. My curves need a little work, but overall, not too shabby. I may seek a shadow box to display at home or pass it down as a future heirloom. We shall see.

Thanks to my mom for the great lesson. Did you just hear that sound? It was the sound of my fabric glue soaring into the trashcan.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Saluting the Vets

I originally posted this in 2009, but I think it's just as relevant today. Thank you veterans for what you do for our country.


Today, and everyday, I salute the men and women around the world fighting for safety, freedom, democracy, and a job I could never do.

Personally, I'd like to thank the men in my life who have devoted time to the armed services. (I am just sorry that I don't have pictures of them all in uniform.)

My dad, who served in the United States Army.

My paternal grandfather, a soldier in the United States Navy, and a part of Pearl Harbor.

My maternal grandfather, also a soldier in the Navy and also a part of Pearl Harbor.

Longtime friend Harrison, US Marine, who most recently served in Iraq.

Thank you for all you do, have done, and will continue doing for this country.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A woman about So Cal

Saturday was a big day. I drove to Temecula to see Ashley and little Luca for the second time since his birth in late August. She might have been the cutest little mama around pushing a very hip stroller and looking adorable.

We are both lovers of wine and cheese and so she has raved about the Temecula Valley Cheese Company and thus treated me to a lovely afternoon of artisan brie, parmesan, gruyere, and fontina. And of course, vino.

Delightful friend, company, and time together. I so wish we lived closer.

After a dinner foul in the kitchen that caused me to lose a spoon and my Pyrex measuring cup, Scott and I headed south again to The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa for my sister's boyfriend's band, Main Street Lights. And they went on after 10:30. I felt like I shed a little of my grandma exterior that night.

The band was great, the people watching as amazing as it gets at a dive bar. And I enjoyed two glasses of Chardonnay and watching the lobsters before the band.

Three cheers for Saturday nights with friends, family (in spirit since the sister is not yet 21), and extra hours.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogging on the go

This is what being a part of the iPhone club feels like!