Sunday, November 6, 2011

A woman about So Cal

Saturday was a big day. I drove to Temecula to see Ashley and little Luca for the second time since his birth in late August. She might have been the cutest little mama around pushing a very hip stroller and looking adorable.

We are both lovers of wine and cheese and so she has raved about the Temecula Valley Cheese Company and thus treated me to a lovely afternoon of artisan brie, parmesan, gruyere, and fontina. And of course, vino.

Delightful friend, company, and time together. I so wish we lived closer.

After a dinner foul in the kitchen that caused me to lose a spoon and my Pyrex measuring cup, Scott and I headed south again to The Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa for my sister's boyfriend's band, Main Street Lights. And they went on after 10:30. I felt like I shed a little of my grandma exterior that night.

The band was great, the people watching as amazing as it gets at a dive bar. And I enjoyed two glasses of Chardonnay and watching the lobsters before the band.

Three cheers for Saturday nights with friends, family (in spirit since the sister is not yet 21), and extra hours.

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