Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013

My first thought waking up each day is: "is it the weekend?" Then, "what is the date?" Finally, my brain does a database scan of important events that might have happened on that date. Today is Justin Timberlake's birthday.

Why do I know this? Because I have a stupid knack for recalling important dates and factoids in history. And, I clearly put way too much energy into remembering most of NSYNC's birthdays back in 1999.

Yet, I often jest to myself that I need a poster-sized sticky note to reference important, recurring information I can't seem to retain. This is really neither here nor there, more of a reminder that at the very least I want to do this in a Google doc for my own (and rather embarrassing) benefit.

While I haven't forgotten to recount our activities in the past 31 days, I simply haven't had the gusto. We've lived life--going to the theatre with my parents, trying new restaurants, dates with old friends, celebrated just didn't make it to this little space on the web.

I am challenged to write in my professional life, both full time and a side gig, and lately I've found that sometimes my creative cup has simply been emptied. I've also taken on a new and more public role that's made me question how much information I want to willingly share, and that could also be part of the reason for keeping mum, especially when it comes to ranting.

So, we'll see the direction this 6-year-old public diary takes in 2013. At the very least I should update the header, seeing as I'm fairly sure we've expired our moniker as newlyweds.