Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Concerning Cling Wrap

I am convinced one either has the skills to use cling wrap or they were just born with out them. Kind of like athletic abilities. Using cling wrap should never be a two person job. Who needs two people to open and close a sealable bag or close something with foil?

I think I may have discovered the secret to the wrap, that someone was holding out on me. Is only one side especially clingy? Perhaps I have been doing it backwards all of these years.

This revelation has not made me a professional, by any means. I merely have been able to do it solo the past few days.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That Darn Cat

Really Atticus?

Monday, September 28, 2009

One Sweet Day: Ashley + Anthony

I had the absolute honor of standing up in my friends' Ashley and Anthony's wedding this weekend. The ceremony could not have been more perfectly lovely as well as the reception. This beauty made a breathtaking bride, and her husband, "hot Anthony Aceto" was the ever dashing storybook groom. Congratulations to you both!

The blushing bride

Debuting her dress, with sister MOH Shaunna looking on

With BM Erika looking lovely


Hanging out before The Walk to meet her groom

They're married! Enjoying their first dinner as a married couple

Me and my own groom

Dancing the night away

Salut to you both!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Confessions

I think my husband contemplated divorce for a millisecond when I randomly admitted I am not really a Bill Murray fan. "Groundhog Day"...frankly the repetition drives me bananas. "What About Bob"....ugh, I think it's a combination of his character and Richard Dreyfuss. No bueno.

However, I am so glad to have discovered "Ghostbusters" this year, that was quite enjoyable!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

This guy is the biggest Dodger fan I know. He does come from a long line of Dodger fans, but I see him the most and hear his narration of past games and events almost nightly during the season.

He radiates the essence of the boys in blue and I am so glad almost 9 years ago he reintroduced me to the game. I never had an allegiance, but growing up in the Holy Magic Kingdom, one defaults if they haven't already proclaimed territory. Thank you Scott, for bringing Roberts, Gagne, Greene, Kemp, and of course, Vin, into my life.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One Sweet Day

Today I am heading to T-town for the wedding rehearsal of these two lovebirds, who will become husband and wife on Saturday!

An early congratulations to my wonderful friends <3

Monday, September 21, 2009

Visiting the House of Mouse

This weekend, our friends Karen, Adam, Kerri, Rob, and I visited Disneyland, which basically was our backyard while growing up in Southern California. I am so glad we are locals because going in, we knew that Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion were closed for upgrading and improvements. However, it got a little ridiculous when not one, not two, but three other rides broke down while we were in line. Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Autopia all broke down, whether it was oil leaking into the water (deal with it!) or minor electrical issues (really?). Oh I joke, I don't want to be splashed with oily water nor be electrocuted on a rickety railroad.

It has to be so disappointing for families who travel out here to experience these rides and attractions. Only so much fun can be had on Pirates of the Caribbean, even if a pseudo Johnny Depp makes an appearance.

We made the best of it, hitting up other favorites and a new one for Scott, Rob, Kerri and I-Buzz Lightyear's Experience, which was fun. A great time was had by all, and we even did our fair share of people spotting, as Dland really lends itself to bringing varieties of people together.

Hopefully we can go back around Christmas time. There really is nothing like the snow and Christmas parade to make Orange County feel a little more festive during the 70 degree holiday season!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing the Mr & Mrs

Corylynn are officially married!

We all go back to elementary school, Little League, and pageantry.

Dancing the night away

Bridesmaid and my friend, Janae

Corylynn have been dating since high school like Scott and I, so this event was a long time in the making. Cheers to you both!

Sunday Confessions

I had no idea pop music existed until about 5th grade. My parents were listeners of the local oldies station and my first concert was a Beach Boys concert in 4th grade, which was about the highlight of my year. It was not until 1995 that I was introduced to modern pop and began sitting patiently by my stero with my finger poised above the "record" button to tape Mariah Carey's "Always be My Baby" or All 4 One's monster hit "I Swear." Hah, love song power ballads of the '90s!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

If I want a margarita, extra dirty martini, or any other cocktail I might be craving, I ask my own mixologist, Scott.

Scott bartended for a number of years and has pretty much nailed even the most obscure of drinks. My own repertoire has expanded because he offers so often to have me try something new and is usually right on the money with whether I will like it.

The top of our fridge (much to my chagrin) is an elephant graveyard of scotch, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and a few special Champagne bottles, relics of celebrations, various dinners, and just a hard day's work.

Cocktail making is one area that I do not even attempt. I have never even used our martini shaker, though I do wash it often, as he fills the role of bartender in the house while I wear the baker's hat and chef's apron. It works out well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time with the G-Parents

This evening I randomly surprised my maternal grandparents at their house after work. This particular set of g-parents were a major part of my childhood, living three miles away from my parents enabled them to assist in watching me after my mom went back to work after maternity leave through the age of about ten.

I enjoyed my time there, sitting at the kitchen table for lunch every day, equipped with my standard grilled cheese or ham sandwich, followed by reading with my grandpa, and a nap. Later in the day I enjoyed a bread and butter snack, or a cookie with Popeye and Muppet Babies. Life was grand. My grandmother doesn't drive, so we took the bus for various activities including Knott's Berry Farm where we watched the cake decorators create, fed the ducks in the pond, or went on walks around the neighborhood, especially after my sister was born in her stroller. When they did their grocery shopping, I always received a pink doughnut on the trip and loved watching the lobster tanks while they picked out produce.

Tonight I stopped by after work as a visit was long overdue. I am realizing time is limited and I know how much it means to them for the visits we share. We enjoyed great conversation discussing my life as a newlywed and them reminiscing about theirs. My grandmother is losing her memory more and more, which is heartbreaking to watch, but their bickering about the order of events is endearing.

At the time they married in 1950, their first apartment's rent was $40 a month. I didn't even dare tell them what we pay. Their first major purchase, much like our own, was a fabulous 16 inch television, a huge upgrade from their best friends' who only had a 12 inch. Having a television itself was a complete novelty. The night of their wedding, which was the 4th of July and fell midweek, they drove from Denver where they both grew up, to California, where they would ultimately settle. Denver, being the mile high city, was one of the last cities to acquire a television signal back then.

My sister and I were very lucky to have grown up with both sets of grandparents, and still enjoy the company of three. Spending quality time with these people is as important for them as it is for us. Time is ticking, and I want to be able to learn the stories they have experienced, such as Pearl Harbor with my grandfather in the Navy and living through the Great Depression. Visiting them shows me what great joy grandchildren bring to their life, as they ask me about my cousins and they marvel at the age span between the oldest, 31 and the youngest who is 6.

Both were so surprised at the box of Sees candy I brought them, one of their favorites. It does not even compare to the sweet treats and sweet memories they have provided me over the years.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Retail Rant

Consider yourself warned, this is a rant.

I am just going to pose the question: what has happened to retail these days? Perhaps I am really turning into a crotchity old woman, however, the majority of retail clerks and cashiers I run into in my mall and grocery trips these days seem to not be as helpful as I'd ideally enjoy.

I worked in a dance retail store for four years. This was a particularly specialized shop, but every employee knew how to ring customers up, answer the phone, input orders, and generally understand how to connect the dots. I clearly have high expectations when shopping-deal with my transaction and please don't take five million years to do it.

Case in point a few weeks ago on what I thought would be a quick stop at the mall on my way home. Mistake numero uno.

I needed a strapless bra for my bridesmaid's dress for Ashley's upcoming wedding. No big deal, found one, tried it on, bingo, it works. However, the only one I can find in my size is lacking the additional clear and nude straps that go with it. Thus, I am forced to remain in the lingerie section to check out with that one clerk working. (Cue the ominous music.) Naturally, this clerk is handling a woman in front of me, with I kid you not, about 4 piles of miscellanous clothing, and no it's not all lingerie. The two are speaking Spanish for about 15 minutes as I stand as politely as I can muster, checking my watch every two minutes, knowing I have 3 other stops to make in the mall and time is ticking away. Finally, after 20 minutes I am starting to debate the damn bra purchase when the customer pulls out payment in the form of traveler's checks. This could have been moon money to the cashier, which resulted in phone calls to managers and the like. Are. you. kidding. me. Never once in the now 25 minutes has the woman even acknowledged my presence. No "thanks for your patience" or "it will be just a few more minutes." Nothing. She finally waits for a manager to come and deal with the traveler's checks and begins to help me. Hallelujah. As I start to explain my strap situation, she gets flustered with the other customer talking to her and completely returns to her mid-sentence with me. This is about the time steam begins to escape my ears. The manager shows up, there is no real cash in the drawer (symphony's creschendo) and after all parties are satisfied, he sweetly asks me if I am being helped. There are no words. Finally, 30+ minutes later I am able to get out of this ridiculous situation fuming, bra and replacement straps in hand.

Unfortnately, this particular trip encountered more problems at another stop when I tried to ask for a gift receipt after purchase. This apparently, was like turning water into wine for the cashier. By now I was so flabberghasted with stores and their seeming lack of training, I was about ready to pen one of my famous Letters to the Management, but was in such a tizzy I didn't take proper note of names nor business cards. C'est la vie.

The cherry on top of my building ice cream sundae of retail rants, would have to be a pit stop at a grocery store for an Oreo pie crust. The cashier, in total assembly line drone voice greeted me, and after scanning the item, actually threw it down the conveyer belt to the bagging area. A cookie crumb pie crust. And she was doing the bagging! Again, there were no words.

I am not a confrontational person. Hence the blog where I can lay it out after the fact and overanalyze. I don't like telling people they are in the wrong or have somehow annoyed me. However, taking 30 minutes to ring up a purchase, reprint a gift receipt, and throwing my pie crust 4 feet down a moving shoot is unacceptable. And these were not all 17-year-olds, two were adult women.

I know there are people who enjoy their jobs or at least put on a good front doing it with their great customer service skills. What I can't wrap my brain around is the increasing lack of work ethic and common sense that I am experiencing more and more. There may not be any ultimate reason for it, but I am dumbfounded each time it happens, mostly becuase me and coworkers I have ever had in the retail sector, would never behave in that manner.

Again, perhaps I am just turning into an old fart. Or need to find a new mall.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ashley's Hen Night

Ashley is the bride to be!

For her bachelorette party, we relaxed by the pool...

Enjoyed beverages out on the town...

And toasted to new beginnings...

The day and evening was ridiculously fun and I cannot wait until she becomes Anthony's wife!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Confessions

Direct from Scott: "You don't like the way I fold towels."

It's true. I fold our bath towels in thirds and hang them so they fall at their midway point over the rod. Pretty much the norm. When Scott exits the shower he does the thirds, but then folds the towel in half again before hanging over the rod. In my mind, that does not allow for maximum drying. So, each and every day I fix it.

Some may say, well it's his towel, let him do what he pleases. This is true. But I hate how it looks and the idea of a damp towel unable to reach its potential dryness when I can combat it.

Obsessive much?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

One of the traits I admire most about Scott are his analytical and logic skills. With any given situation in life, he uses fine-tuned reasoning to draw conclusions. He builds robots, conductors, and other science projects that I would never even be able attempt after step one-and he is devising his OWN directions.

Some may say this is how most people evaluate life, however, the difference with Scott is how he is so equally balanced with his left and right brain capabilities. This same boy, that has analyzed his cousin's dating life to an actual mathematical formula ("there's a formula for everything, Erin!") is also the accomplished musician, as I have mentioned before. He appreciates art and can write masterfully, though his self-criticisms get the best of him, anyone that has read his African chronicles knows how talented he is with words.

I say, with confidence, he is The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Reflecting 8 Years Later

That fateful day I was a senior in high school, on my way to dance practice in the morning, when I heard Rick Dees of all people, discussing a plane crash. I wasn't paying that much attention as it was 6:30 a.m. on the west coast.

After practice had ended and we headed into the locker room, our principal came over the intercom, which has horrible audio outside on our high school campus, and I could make out that something was wrong, piecing together the radio discussion, his scrambled message, and now a text from Scott I can remember clear as day on my red Nokia cell phone, "You see the plane crash?" It was then I knew something was very wrong.

I was the publicity commissioner in ASB and therefore one of my duties was heading up and reading the morning announcements. Going into the main office and finally piecing together the horrific details with the help of the administration was shocking. As a 17-year-old I had no idea how to deliver the usually fun and goofy announcements which included the Pledge of Allegiance as the first order of business. I will never forget handing the phone over to our principal and the utter shock and still relative unknown gravity of the situation at hand. He calmly related the events to the captive audience of listening ears, all staff, teachers and students.

The remainder of the day was spent much like the rest of the nation, glued to the television. Kerri was scheduled to come and meet me for lunch that day, but she couldn't get out of CSULB, as they closed the campus and there was major traffic commuting in and out of the school with the chaos of events and heightened fear. I was a TA for my 11th grade history teacher that year, who had a student teacher leading the class, and we both sat in the library completely transfixed by the events on television.

In my short life, I think I can safely say that day and the ones following were filled with hours of fear among US citizens-fear that our security blanket was not as secure as we had imagined, fear for loved ones caught in the turmoil, and fear for those protecting us and saving those loved ones.

I simply want to reiterate the mantra that has come out of the day, eight years later: I will never forget. To the families of those who lost loved ones: employees in the buildings, passengers on the planes, bystanders on the ground, and emergency rescue crews, I will never forget. I will proudly wear my red, white, and blue today in your honor. I salute you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Threads

After scouring the 'net for off-white or light colored dresses for wedding V2.0 pictures in October, with this fabulous guy, I have finally committed and purchased this number. I am a bit nervous about those ruffles, as they look really cute on a mannequin and model, and I am hoping it will be the same for moi.


And in other related fashion news, these well polished British boys have a new album coming out on Tuesday. As Scott put so well, it's a musical masterpiece. Check it out, Muse: The Resistance. I have a choreography blitzkrieg in my brain each time I hear "Uprising" on the radio, and let me tell you it's an awesome routine, even though it evolves each time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion Phobias

Admittedly, I have a few fashion phobias. I am fairly embarrassed to admit this, but not enough to make it "Sunday Confession." Form your own conclusions, though I would be interested to know if anyone else has their own!

Long Dresses
The long dress, or if you are a real fashionista, which I though I was, but now know I am not as I did not know about the term "Maxi Dress," which I learned through one of my favorite blogs, the Blue Eyed Bride. I have such a complex about proportion, I feel that without showing leg, something about my body is off, coupled with my generally pale skin, makes for a no-bueno combination. These girls look great, as do most women I see wearing these. Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet one Saturday and frolic in one. Face my fears!

Hoop earrings
I wore hoop earrings all the time in high school. I'd even go so far to say that they were dubbed my "fancy" earrings, as an alternative to the daily studs. These days, it seems they just seem a little ghetto fabulous on me. Again, I think every girl that I see wearing them looks great! They dress up a ponytail and add a little sass to jeans. But when this girl looks in the mirror she sees an entirely different picture with a little more street, less chic. Complex? Likely. However I don't know if its size, color or what. Perhaps outfit I am pairing it with? I will never exercise in theme a la a Kardashian, but I would like to incorporate a pretty pair I own back into rotation.

I don't need a picture to highlight this. We all know they look good and I just need to get over it.

Skinny jeans
As I mentioned above, I have proportion issues. This item of clothing does not help any considering they are skin tight and highlight all features, great and small. Perhaps it's a matter of body image with these. I love, love, love the look of a skinny jean in a boot, with a flat, or with a blousier shirt-that proportion makes sense. I do not enjoy them as leggings and shirts that do not cover the bum, which is unacceptable. Anyway, I am a curvy girl, but perhaps I just missed the boat with this item or need to take a fashionable friend with me to try them on and set up favorable lighting in the dressing room to make it better.

Ok Reese, can you be any cooler?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summing Up San Francisco

Scott and I worked San Francisco in four days like no other tour group before us. I am guessing we probably logged about 15 miles on foot, plus 15 or so more via bus and trollies. Thank heavens I learned my lesson after our honeymoon and brought my sneakers.

View from our hotel, the Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadero, Financial District:

I did not leave enough time to buy a memory card for my new camera before we left, but the instructions book said that it also took pictures on the hard drive-score! However, one hour into the trip maxed out my photos at five. Yes, five pictures. Our concierge seemed to forget where any stores that might supply memory cards would be located with respect to our travels, until we happened upon one finally in Chinatown, on day three. Sadly, days one and two will be recapped through my masterful words!

Day one:
Fisherman's Wharf, Boudin's Bistro, Alcatraz tour

Day two:
Breakfast at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market (ahh-mazing!), Golden Gate Park, King Tut exhibit at the de Young, California Academy of Sciences Museum (which has an awesome cafeteria-thanks DB!), hookah in Haight-Ashbury, gelato in the Castro District, trollies, buses, and delish pizza.

Day three:
Chinatown, Coit Tower, North Beach, Mission District, fancy anniversary dinner, copious amounts of Presecco.

Tasty salted pig parts in the Farmer's Market.

Near the hotel, Bay Bridge in the background.

No SF trip complete without a union protest.

Anniversary dinner

Sick panoramic shot at AT&T park with my new camera, via Scott.

Impulsive, final-day purchase. So glad we did.

Let's not forget who is in first place, top of the flags. Just saying.

The trip was a great finale to an incredible first year of marriage. Can't wait for the next vacation!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day of Love

All of the cliches are true, especially this one: time flies when you are having fun.


A year ago today, KL came to get me and my 'maids ready, while you and your boys played holes on the green. I could not have been more confident in the man I was marrying. Being surrounded by our best friends and loving family was the best feeling in the world. But mostly, it was walking down the aisle with my dad to meet you and begin our life together, at last. Holding your hand since 2000, on our wedding day, in Boston, New York, Fiji, and now San Francisco, and everywhere in between, has been the best year I could ask for. I cannot wait to continue to hold your hand for the next 50 years. I love you.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Confessions

If your toilet paper comes from the bottom, I will take the roll off and have it come over the top. It's just the natural way!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

For the past couple years, Scott has played recreational softball on Sundays with a motley crew of boys, largely originating from our high school alma mater, with a few additions and subtractions along way.

If you ask me, and I think it's a fair representation being one of the usual 3 fans, he is an awesome player. He hits to get on base, not pop out, plays defensively, and doesn't make little league errors. I know, such a stud. It is a great joy for me to watch him and his teammates play, and stand in when needed...though I am a better snack provider and bench warmer than the player these days!

Likely right before a great hit.

Covering home, much better than I did.

I miss the game, but it brings back memories of playing for so many years, and watching my boy enjoy it each weekend makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meal Routine

I eat the same exact meal for breakfast every single day: English muffin with peanut butter, honey if I have it, and coffee.

Lunch varies, depending on if I have an event, to sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit, carrot sticks, etc. Pretty standard.

Dinner is where I am most creative, trying new ideas or homestyle classics. Hamburgers, pasta, and pizza will always make the rounds on our dinner table, however they are supplemented by the latest FoodNetwork episode or cookbook find.

I am always intrigued by how people meal plan for the week. Do you have a standard cupboard/refrigerator that just needs replacements? Or decide each day but what is in stock and go from there? I hate, hate, hate making multiple trips to the grocery store/Target during the week. But I always do. In a good month, I'll go 3-4 times, planning meals for usually 6 nights per week, knowing one will provide leftovers or I'll be at an evening event. I myself do the replacement method for staple items and our indulgent purchases, but then research meal ideas from websites and my own cookbook stash. My planner ways are rarely ok with the figure-it-out-after-work method.

I find it interesting that dinner is the most creative in my house. Scott doesn't eat breakfast so it is just me and my Groundhog Day meal each morning. I would surmise this is due to time. Most of us don't have leisurely hours to prepare ourselves in the morning coming out of our slumber. How about you-do you plan meals or are you a spontaneous supper eater? And what is the rest of the world eating for breakfast?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Fart

I debated using that title, as I really don't care for that 'f' word as a lady, but as of late, it truly sums up the way I feel due to the following reasons.

1. My sister, who is 7 years younger than me, began college this week. I cannot believe it. We are just a family with two kids, so to now have her in the higher education world is crazy to me.

2. The local radio station, Krth101, an oldies format, has been incorporating more and more non-oldies, in my opinion, through their rotation. For example: "Crazy for You" by Madonna. That was an 80s hit. I was born in the mid-80s. Thus, does that make me an old fart for a song being played on that station?!? Then yesterday, they played Men at Work's "Land Down Under" a 1982 hit. I beg of you-are the 80s now considered classic oldies? To me, the 50s and 60s will always remain that era. However, as time goes on, clearly that is relative to the day in age. I'm fairly sure my fellow 20-somethings aren't ready to be lumped in that category.

3. I get home about 6:15 every night. By the time I exercise, make dinner, and shower, it's usually 8:30/9. Where does the time go? I am going to hit the hay in an hour I am so exhausted, if not earlier from fatigue. Unless I give something up like exercise, there isn't any time for laying around watching tv, going out, or just normal fun. It is the weekends and work week evenings that could really use a few extra hours at night.

I am starting to understand the idea of a quarter life crisis. Oy.