Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion Phobias

Admittedly, I have a few fashion phobias. I am fairly embarrassed to admit this, but not enough to make it "Sunday Confession." Form your own conclusions, though I would be interested to know if anyone else has their own!

Long Dresses
The long dress, or if you are a real fashionista, which I though I was, but now know I am not as I did not know about the term "Maxi Dress," which I learned through one of my favorite blogs, the Blue Eyed Bride. I have such a complex about proportion, I feel that without showing leg, something about my body is off, coupled with my generally pale skin, makes for a no-bueno combination. These girls look great, as do most women I see wearing these. Perhaps I just need to bite the bullet one Saturday and frolic in one. Face my fears!

Hoop earrings
I wore hoop earrings all the time in high school. I'd even go so far to say that they were dubbed my "fancy" earrings, as an alternative to the daily studs. These days, it seems they just seem a little ghetto fabulous on me. Again, I think every girl that I see wearing them looks great! They dress up a ponytail and add a little sass to jeans. But when this girl looks in the mirror she sees an entirely different picture with a little more street, less chic. Complex? Likely. However I don't know if its size, color or what. Perhaps outfit I am pairing it with? I will never exercise in theme a la a Kardashian, but I would like to incorporate a pretty pair I own back into rotation.

I don't need a picture to highlight this. We all know they look good and I just need to get over it.

Skinny jeans
As I mentioned above, I have proportion issues. This item of clothing does not help any considering they are skin tight and highlight all features, great and small. Perhaps it's a matter of body image with these. I love, love, love the look of a skinny jean in a boot, with a flat, or with a blousier shirt-that proportion makes sense. I do not enjoy them as leggings and shirts that do not cover the bum, which is unacceptable. Anyway, I am a curvy girl, but perhaps I just missed the boat with this item or need to take a fashionable friend with me to try them on and set up favorable lighting in the dressing room to make it better.

Ok Reese, can you be any cooler?

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