Friday, June 27, 2008


My GiraffeGirl tagged me, so here goes:

Attached or single? Definitely attached, and almost able to qualify in a new tax category!
Best friend? Scott, Kerri, Ashley
Cake or pie? Red velvet CUPcakes
Day of choice? Saturday
Essential item? Chapstick or some form of gloss, without a doubt
Favorite color? Currently olive green
Gummy bears or worms? Sour worms!
Hometown? Anaheim
Ideal vacation? A western-European epic journey
January or July? Well they both have a holiday, so that's a plus. But I'd go July, I enjoy summer.
Kids? Nay
Life isn't complete without: Peanut butter
Marriage date? 9.7.08
Number of siblings? One sister
Oranges or apples? Apples. Gala or pink lady.
Phobias? Voldemort
Quote? "Your sequins are burning my retinas"-that TLC Miss America show
Reasons to smile? Health, family, friends, a job
Tag 3 people: KL, KM, and Scott-but he won't do it, however I don't know any other bloggers.
Unknown fact about me: I used to want to join the Babysitters Club after reading their books in elementary school
Vegetable? Spinach
Worst habit? Building people up
X-ray or ultrasounds? Both.
Your favorite food? Just like Joey--sandwiches of any and all variety
Zodiac sign? Cap


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Hunting

Is no fun. We have minimal requests:

-2 bed/2 bath
-townhome (ideally)
-washer/dryer included would be AWESOME
-refridgerator included would again, be AWESOME
-nice neighborhood-safe
-garage, and I would take detached
-some greenery or patio or garden passing off as a lawn
-not a mega complex
-food, dining, shops nearby

Are you out there home?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seoul Food

One of the many perks of my job is the free food from different events on any given week. F-town has some mighty delicious establishments and all of my coworkers and I continually remark on our good fortune to be treated so often to the tasty fare. This past week, as per my usual duties as a consummate chamber hostess, was to welcome a new businesses to the city with the ever wonderful ribbon cutting ceremony.

It is always a treat when the business in question is a restaurant because my coworkers and I are more than obliged to be the food guinea pigs. This past week proved to be quite the example. We were treated like kings and queens to an authentic Korean tofu meal, complete with 30 minute blessing (in Korean), singing, praying, speeches, and a host of other official duties that I could better identify if I spoke Korean. Following the pomp and circumstance, the gracious hostess allowed everyone to actually order off the menu--not predetermined samples, but choose your own combo. So, I bravely chose a chicken teriyaki tofu combo and was satisfied. Until the appetizer arrived and my friends and I were graced by this delicacy:

Oh yes, a deep fried fish. I certainly was floored. Immediately I thought of My Boy and his travels to Africa and how he actually watched the entire process from his meals, beginning with selecting the meat, slaughtering the meat, cooking the meat, and finally enjoying the meat. I am more used steps 3-4, but hey, "when in Rome" as they say, so I dug in...and scored some bones in my teeth (truly I can't remember the last time I had bones in my fish.) I gave it a few good bites, and the actual meat part I had was good, but it was too messy to keep going.

Following our pre-poisson portion, we were brought lots of interesting things including kimchi, transluscent noodles, lasagna-like pillows, and a host of other things that were, well, interesting.
The steaming soup in the foreground is actually the tofu. It was the first time I had it and I really enjoyed it. The soup was a beef broth, so there were also chunks of beef with the tofu. My chicken teriyaki (I know, white girl forever) also came with this and some nice rice.

It was probably the most elaborate lunch I have ever had, and definitely not what I thought I'd be doing that Wednesday when I got up. It certainly put my yogurt/apple/cheese and crackers brown bag version to shame.