Friday, July 11, 2008

My Girl's 25th

My best girl turned 25 last month, and as is customary with our 19 year relationship, I determined she needed a surprise birthday party. It had been 4 years since her last, so with the help of her boyfriend and fellow roommate, we launched Operation Summer Solstice (with an ounce of intelligence you can guess the party date.)

Ms. PhD, as she will be know in the anonymous online world, was having a bit of a problem as this mid-point number loomed at her, so I figured, what better way than to throw a child-themed birthday with adult twists?!?! My Little Pony seemed to be the clear winner since the line is still around these days, albeit much sassier than I remember. I pretty much purchased everything cheesy that Party America had to offer in that department and set to work. Her BF and I decided to do Roman Cucina food for obvious reasons and since it is delicious, and cupcakes from her favorite bakery, the scrumptiousness that is Sprinkles. It turns out that our child-turned-adult party had very juvenile elements with a seasoned spin (decadent pizza, gourmet cupcakes, beer that would have otherwise been Hawaiian punch, etc.). We also could not let the soiree be pinata-less, so enter the Backyardigans. I had never heard of this Nickelodeon staple, but Uniqua was purchased for the event and definitely was a hit.

I had a great time planning the party with Roberto and I think he enjoyed his first real intro to party planning too. Unfortunately he broke the cardinal rule, "thou shall not leave email box open for GF to see" but c'est la vie as they say! Ms. PhD was not surprised although VERY appreciative of the love and attention from her many circles of friends. It is one of my favorite things in the world to do treat my best pals like this-so look out, if you are in the INNER CIRCLE you could be next!

Peanut butter-choc chip cookies, Sprinkles, MLP hats, and Uniqua grace the table:

Roomie Co-Conspirator preparing Ms. PhD for Uniqua's demise
MLP tats-the next rage on LA Ink:

Happy 25th Friend!!!
Cheers to a lifetime more birthdays together =D

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am blessed to have a loving fiance.
A doting family.
Amazingly wonderful friends.
A roof over my head.
Food on my plate.
And a job to help the world go round.

Sometimes these things are forgotten in the chaos that is life, and I just thought they deserved a little public declaration.