Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Two Day Study in Customer Service's Decline at Office Depot

I'm not sure if it is the full moon or just my old fart ways, but I am thoroughly distressed by the sales associates ringing me up these days. I realize it is not every single one out there, but man is it overwhelming!

When I worked retail, I always greeted the customers with a hello, asked if I could help them, and tried to fill the gaps when they spoke and returned answers. Basic stuff. I used the small part of my brain that was required to complete transactions and they were on their merry way.

It seems that not all sales people are created equal. I am naive to think they are, but ever the optimist, I hope. In the past two days, I have gone to Office Depot four times. Three out of the four times I was met with complete idiots behind the cash register. It was as if a beacon opened up one day and they all went to apply at the various locations. I am not sure if it's lack of social skills, common sense, a hair dryer, or all three. Each time I walked out my brows were raised with a "did that just happen" thought bubble.

Because I expect so much out of myself when I worked retail, I expect that of others. And for them to just do their job. When I find a great sales associate I remember their name and will often go back just to bring them business. In n Out gets lucky for that and the phenomenal food, but you know what I mean. Others deserving shout outs: Trader Joe's, F-town Ace Hardware, and one lady at Michael's. Now Michael's deserves a post all their own, and I swear this is a shining star I found. She seems to actually like working there. Gasp.

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