Thursday, May 13, 2010

Settling In

You are officially a homeowner if you:
a) have been to Ace Hardware/Lowe's/Home Depot/Sears over 15 times in two days.
b) have a rewards card to any of the above stores
c) have started a Rolodex (thank you Kerri!) of helpful contractors/plumbers/electricians/etc.
d) all of the above
e) all of the above plus crazy anxiety because you are a worry wort to begin with.

Officially homeowners, officially landlords, officially seeking ways to naturally manage my stress, anxiety, and need to vomit randomly through the day at the thought of responsibility.

Somehow, I think we'll make it.

Tonight marks night six that we've been in our new home. Each day feels more like our own, though the refrigerator's arrival today definitely helped that edge away from the camping-inside-plaster-walls feeling.

Scott and I can't thank our parents enough for their labor in helping us move out of the apartment, into the house, and tear up the carpet, which is much, much, much more involved than I imagined. Truly, thanks all around.

The projects and to-dos are beginning to look like Santa's gift list. However, as the anxiety creeps up and a boulder begins to rest of my chest, Scott very nicely reminds me that we have 30 years to get things done.

Well you can bet I at least have the living room paint color picked out.


Twinkle Toes said...

30 years!! bwahahaha! actually that's great perspective scott. take your time :)

Kelly said...

How exciting!!!