Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Oh the Places You'll Go"

I was a little surprised to never receive this obligatory gift for neither my high school or college graduation. Maybe if I had received it it would have provided some insight for what I am supposed to do with my life. I feel like I am at a point where I need to decide, right now, and be happy forever. I am beginning to realize there is no perfect job, but I do want to do something with the bulk of my day that makes me happy and is gratifying. I have thought about going back to school to get my credential to be able to work as an ASB Advisor in a junior high or high school, but the problem with that is that my BA is in Communications-not really applicable. So I have no idea what I would do. Then there is also the idea of owning my own wedding planning business. That is something that I am good at, enjoy, and don't need much prep for-no going back to school.
Maybe making a list of pros and cons would be helpful.

Wedding Planner
+ Experience from internship
+ Good at
+ Mentor in Bre
+ Fun job
+ Know how to advertise
- Unstable
- Lack of health insurance
- Mercy of people hiring you

ASB Advisor/Teacher
+ Event planning component still there
+ Work well with others, including students
+ Inspired to help kids out and make HS or MS enjoyable
+ Summers off, winter break, HEALTH INSURANCE
- Go back to school
- Don't even know what goes into going back to school bc of teaching portion-what other classes? English seems most obvious, but I don't have an English degree
- Student loans would be necessary to continue

I need help.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Friends, Frenemies, Foes, Faux

With My Boy being gone last year I had my first experience of people really not giving a damn if your longterm boyfriend packs up and goes to Africa. Some of it I chalked up to preoccupation with other things, such as weddings, and just personal lives in general. However, this year, with the love of my life being gone for an even longer period of time, it's shocking to see how people lack sentiment. It's not as if I need a crying partner every night, but just an inquiry to how his travels are going and how maybe I am facing each day, would be really nice. I know that if the roles were reversed I would try to extend an ear, an evening, or something just to let my friends know I care. I am naturally not a self-absorbed person (yes, tooting my own horn) and I forget that sometimes others really are-they do not stop and think about the world around them and what's affecting their family and friends.

On the flip side of this matter, some friends have been overwhelmingly lovely, and I hope they know that I will and would extend myself to them in their times of need. I think having a friendship is such a simple idea, but the maintenance required really reveals who is in it for the long haul, and I am so thankful to have them in my life.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


It’s funny how important paper is in our lives. Paper holds our inner-most thoughts, declarations, proclamations, and has served as the canvas for some of our country’s most important documents; documents that declared our independence as a sovereign country, documents that end conflict, documents that gain and lose territory. Those fine fibers also notate important occasions in our lives-birth, death, marriage, divorce, graduation. A thicker, resilient version is our means of currency. Our identity is defined on a small blue piece of blue paper, and it can be taken away if that paper falls into the wrong hands. This recorded history is filed on paper. In a way, it’s the paper that solidifies the event. The western world revolves around endless piles of paper and paperwork. Documents are filled out, stored and locked into the arsenals of time, necessary evils. The point to this narrative is that I don’t see how paper can’t solve more problems than it creates. If such momentous occasions such as a marriage should only cost the required $10 or so it costs to get the certificate, why can’t we foster other relationships with paper? With all of the problems that there are in the world I don’t see why we can’t attempt to say “stop the fighting” around the world. Yet, that might just be my simple mind speaking or my love of a certain fictitious paper company staff showing. I guess I find that sometimes the most conflicted situations can have the most simple of answers if you just step back from the situation and blink your eyes a few times.