Saturday, June 9, 2007


It’s funny how important paper is in our lives. Paper holds our inner-most thoughts, declarations, proclamations, and has served as the canvas for some of our country’s most important documents; documents that declared our independence as a sovereign country, documents that end conflict, documents that gain and lose territory. Those fine fibers also notate important occasions in our lives-birth, death, marriage, divorce, graduation. A thicker, resilient version is our means of currency. Our identity is defined on a small blue piece of blue paper, and it can be taken away if that paper falls into the wrong hands. This recorded history is filed on paper. In a way, it’s the paper that solidifies the event. The western world revolves around endless piles of paper and paperwork. Documents are filled out, stored and locked into the arsenals of time, necessary evils. The point to this narrative is that I don’t see how paper can’t solve more problems than it creates. If such momentous occasions such as a marriage should only cost the required $10 or so it costs to get the certificate, why can’t we foster other relationships with paper? With all of the problems that there are in the world I don’t see why we can’t attempt to say “stop the fighting” around the world. Yet, that might just be my simple mind speaking or my love of a certain fictitious paper company staff showing. I guess I find that sometimes the most conflicted situations can have the most simple of answers if you just step back from the situation and blink your eyes a few times.

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