Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things I Will Never Understand

I think it's pretty fair to say many people do a lot of deep thinking on their drive to work. It's a period of self-reflection, and for me, channel surfing away from morning talk, except for Ralph's Showbiz Report on KROQ.

I often have ideas for blogs during this period, and make my mental to-do lists that I am convinced I'll remember, yet never do.

On a recent drive, I started thinking about things that I will just never understand, in no particular order.

1. Workaholics. Perhaps it would be a different story if I owned my own business, however life is too short and my personal life and time are too much a priority.

2. Chronic exaggerators. So funny to hear a shared experience from one of these people when all you can think is "when did any of that happen?"

3. People who must "reply all" when it's completely unnecessary.

4. Negative Nancy attitudes on FB, Twitter, and the like. There is a lot of crap in this world. We can always find something positive to say. The fact that you have an Internet connection is amazing itself for some.

5. Star Trek

6. Dead fish/limp noodle handshakes. Ladies no excuses. Men, really?

7. How someone figured out to look inside pineapples, coconuts, pomegranates, and other crazy fruit to find something edible inside.

8. Why social equality is still not commonplace in this world.

9. Pple wHo MUST tyPE in tha maNNeR daT ILLUSTRATES tHEiR inteLLagUnce LEVEL. And excessive use of the <3 and ♥.

10. Lactose intolerance. Just seems like a cruel joke on those who suffer from it. I could not live without cheese and don't know how others do it. Hats off to you. I am happy to share your chocolate milk.


Ashley Aceto said...

I love this! Especially the one about looking inside of pomegranates to find something edible! haha! Although, I am certainly guilty of the excessive use of the ♥ but I think its just my little attempt to compensate for #4 :)

CND said...

Workaholics are awesome. Just saying.

Ong said...

What about artichokes?? Who thought, "hey, let's see if we can eat this flower before it blooms. We can scrape the meat off of the petals with our teeth. Oh, just cut out that fuzzy part."?

Kelly said...

You are not alone. I don't understand either, especially reply all. So annoying.

Christi said...

this is funny! i'm with you on #3 ... and several others. however, i am the laziest typer ... and always use to many ....... and lowercase! =) but i can write when i want to! thanks for joining project :: serve. an email is coming your way!

Unknown said...

Good list. I love lists, I really do … I’m surprised I haven’t listed something out yet. I agree with most of them, even if I happen to be a workaholic. I do have a good handshake though, so I’d say we’re still on good terms.

Social equality will never happen because as a society we’ve decided to skirt the issues of inequality and replace them with a stupid term: political correctness. Instead of facing the issues that are present, it seems people just dance their way around the eggshells that are these problems and worry about hurting peoples feelings rather than accepting what people are.

Travis Smith said...

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