Saturday, November 7, 2009

Food Network Junkie

J'adore the Food Network. I am so envious at the speed in which they move and most of the meals they come up with. (I say most because some foods I will never be a fan of.)

However, there are some shows that I will stop what I am doing to catch, or feel like such a lucky duck if I am home early enough from work to see:

Everyday Italian & Giada at Home
Is there anything that Giada De Laurentiis makes that is not amazing? Her Italian recipes and modern favorites are simply delectable. And she loves wine and cheese-my kind of gal.

30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray
Honestly, I am not a fan of Rachael herself. Her voice and overwhelming gestures kind of grate on my nerves, however, I like her concept of quick meals, even if she moves at warp speed and I can't always do them under 30 minutes.

Paula's Home Cooking with Paula Deen
It goes without saying this one loves her trans fats-as do I! I actually prefer more of Paula's desserts than meals, because I can justify the butter in cake/brownies/treats more than entrees that would otherwise remain healthy with other alternatives.

Barefoot Contessa with Ina Garten
Confession-I actually used to change the channel when Barefoot Contessa came on. I was a young fool, what can I say. I love watching her, with her fabulous ingredients and rich, satisfying meals and desserts. She is comforting to listen to as well-I am always at ease with her on in the background.

And now for the "Needs Improvement"

Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee
Love her concept with the store-bought/homemade ratio. Do not like her matchy-matchy set. It is really distracting and I can't concentrate on what she is making because I am consumed by the drapes/apron/lipstick/hardware/towels/napkins all coordinating. Nobody's home looks like that.

Down Home with the Neely's
Oh my. Is anyone else uncomfortable watching them? I understand they are very much in love but it's borderline wanna be Down Home with the Naked Neely's. They seem like really sweet people but ultimately it's too much PDA for me.

I love the inspiration these shows provide me for it eventually puts dinner on the table. I certainly am not creative enough to come up with week after week of new entrees, and I love that watching them is informative and cathartic after a long day as well.


CristalD said...

I think I know two girls that need their own shows. One will do a cooking/bakin show and the other will be the host of one of those "sell your home quick" similar shows!

Love Giada (sp)too! Everything is fresh and simple. Hello, wine and cheese please!

Rachel? Eh, take or leave but even though it is only 30 minutes, the real time/effort is in the shopping and clean up!

I can not remember her name but I use to love the one of the british gal in England. I don't remember her name but it was really calm and she was like a regular mom with two kids. What was her name???

Traci said...

I loooooove Giada. And think she is secretly Natalie Portman's sister.

I cannot stand Sandra Lee, whether it's the matchy-matchiness of everything in her kitchen, that bouffant that screams 1960s Texas housewife or the fact that her show is essentially about reading the label and then opening the package. Maybe I'm just reeling from watching her make "Mexican" food.