Monday, November 23, 2009

Merely a Muggle

Life boils down to two camps, and you must decide which one you belong in:

Harry Potter or Twilight.

I literally wear my Gryffindor badge of honor on my sleeve. I have admitted to anyone that may ask, that I've read the series six times, maybe seven. Who's counting? The world that Rowling created is such a fabulous fantasy, layered with friendship, love, and sacrifice. Her web of this fictional world required extensive planning and research, beyond the story I can appreciate her absolute devotion to all that is the essence of Harry Potter.

Twilight on the other hand, is arguably similar in the fairy tale world that coexists with humans. Though a little more Romeo & Juliet, it captivates readers young and old, just like HP. Granted the fans are primarily women, and I can attest that I fell under Edward's spell. By casting a rather dreamy actor for the role (and I love the venn diagram that it produces with the lovely Rob Pattinson and his humble HP beginnings) it catapulted the character to tangible status. Simply, this page turning series is a harlequin romance. Edward is the perfect man doting on Bella-what other woman wouldn't want the same?

Like many books, movies do not always transfer to the screen. That is a tough pill to swallow as a devoted fan. I bashed my teeth 5 minutes into "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" this summer. It was an utter disappointment. The artistic direction was comepletely lacking. Add to the fact I stood in line for four hours to see the midnight showing and was definitely a grump about its complete crap translation.

Sunday morning, Scott and I went to see "New Moon," when I realized how desperately I wanted to see it. I have read the Twiglight series only once, probably two years ago, or when the last book came out. I didn't have such a fresh mind going into the movie, and after seeing the first which was laughable, knew not to expect much. Did anyone else completely loose it when any of the vampires gave their infamous glare? Jasper in particular has the same exact face in every scene. I just about hear the director saying "I'm going to need a little more vampire brooding." I suppose the book is not always looked to for guidance in these cases.

These books are exciting, adventurous, and engaging stories. One is more of a romance with the other having occasional romantic moments. They are page turners and have made readers out of many children, teens, and adults-I have seen several friends take them up after declaring themselves non-readers. In some ways its exciting to be a part of this fantasy phenomenon, books that may be classics someday (well, I believe Harry to be more likely, but if also judged by Twilight then that as well.) I have such a love for this literature it reminds me of my younger years when I could not get enough Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Babysitters Club.

I am waiting on pins and needles to read New Moon again, borrowed from my sister, but apparently the series is loaned out among many friends. I tried to buy it at Barnes & Noble on Friday but they only had it in hardcover (not a fan) or paperback with the movie cover-NEVER ok. I am hoping the fabulous Costco will have the set in paperback that I can purchase.

Oh, and to answer which camp I am in-very much Harry Potter, but I would still declare Team Edward. Cedric Diggory did come from Hufflepuff you know.


Kelly said...

Harry Potter for Life!

Erin said...

Yay! Atta girl!