Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fancy Phone

I have finally joined the fancy phone club. It took a number of years, but my techie husband has been salivating for the Google Droid phone and this past weekend he divorced us from at&t and we went back to Verizon.

I also selected a Droid phone, but it's not the developer coveted one that he picked-it's step sister is my guess, by HTC, where his is Motorola. It's pretty fabulous though. I love having my email, Twitter, and Facebook at the fingertips. How did I ever get by before?!?! I would wager that it's quite similar to the iPhone with a few differences. I am enjoying the navigation and information that is at my fingertips.

I decided that I needed to make the switch from the text/call variety to smart phone mostly because of the need for mapping and Internet access. There have been so many times as of late that I have needed directions or a phone number that could have been simply provided by a browser.

So far I am digging the phone and can see how much of a tool it becomes with its capabilities. I am also now addicted to the silliest of games, Abduction. If you have the phone or its available on others, check it out. Thank me later.

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