Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer in the City

Summer may not officially start until Thursday, but it's definitely in full swing around these parts. You can find us most days at a splash pad or spray fountains, fully clothed, or suited up. Henry in particular has loved Canal Park, which has weekly kid programming (ie goofy magicians and performing artists) so that's been a nice change from the storytime circuit.

We've also been rejoicing for a splash pad that's just opened a couple blocks from our house...and might be daily visitors.

Since this is our second summer, we've ventured back to an old favorite, The Wizard of Oz Park, or more formally, Watkins Regional Park. Henry and I just finished reading the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, so it was fun to see how it compared to the book and of course movie. Also, what a difference a year makes!
My Dad sent Henry and Jo a couple kites and so last week we headed down to the Mall to give one of them it's maiden flight, but first, also took our inaugural spin on the Mall's carousel. (Might I add that is the fastest carousel I've ever been on. I get motion sick pretty easily but it was a first for it to be on a merry go-round.)
Henry was positively delighted to finally get the kite up in the air. Next up, R2D2 will get his orbit.
T-Ball has officially ended, and really, it was such a great experience for Henry. The coach was fantastic, as were the other players and their parents. We ended the season with a parents vs. kids game and BBQ that was such fun.
For Father's Day weekend we saluted our favorite fella with a trip to Quiet Waters Park in Anapolis, MD, and a boating adventure. I felt a little sorry he had to do all of the labor (this coast needs Duffy boats! I should open a business and sell it as a franchise because there is money to be made beyond canoes, kayaks, and row boats.) Henry loved every minute of it, particularly "helping" with his own oar. Josephine was not happy with the life jacket (who likes them?) but we spent a good hour on the water with a packed picnic lunch and everyone had a nap later, a Father's Day win!


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