Friday, October 14, 2011

A Mustache Baby Bash

I'm not sure how people did parties in my office suite before I came along. Seriously, they must have been lucky if it was ice cream cake day. Let me say the Party Planning Committee brought it on at Virginia and Shawn's "Mustache Baby Bash."

Guests of honor:

We asked guests for a baby photo and added some of our own creative touches.

We kept theme beyond mustaches, bow ties, and monocles to graphic prints in primary colors.

Since baby showers are much more guy friendly these days we opted for games that appealed to a variety of ages and both men and women. Guess the 'Stache (my game, thus no word bank. My dear coworker did the next. She's a lover of the word bank.)

a. Ned Flanders
b. Ron Burgundy/Will Farrell
c. Adolph Hitler
d. Tom Selleck
e. Clark Gable
f. Albert Einstein
g. Captain Hook/Dustin Hoffman
h. Geraldo Rivera
I. (the husband/baby daddy)
j. Hulk Hogan
k. Rollie Fingers (Oakland A's pitcher)
L. Charlie Chaplin

and Who's that Baby.

Food included manwiches, bow tie pasta with dill, homemade pizza, green salad, fruit, quinoa and black bean salad, stuffed mushrooms, and real cookie ice cream sandwiches. Seriously, this suite brings it when I ask.

Guests made onesies for the baby boy to be.

Presents were received and joy abounded.


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