Saturday, October 29, 2011

Burn Victim

Well that might be a bit over dramatic.

However my kitchen safety does need some improvement.

Two years ago I burned myself on the oven in our apartment and earned myself a "10" from the upper grid irons on my elbow. Since then there have been a dozen other incidents involving the oven, stove, bbq-you name it.

The worst by far was a few weeks ago when I took a shortcut (first no-no) in making bacon in the microwave. (Sidenote-I really hate the grease from making it on the stove and didn't feel like turning on the oven. Plus I hate the smell of a home post-bacon. Strange, I know.) As I took the bacon out of the microwave, my force was that of superhuman strength and the grease from the plate splashed onto my bosom. It took every ounce of energy in me not to throw the plate across the room (fearing the mess I'd have to clean up later-I already had the grease spill on and around me contained).

That bacon grease went through my shirt AND my bra to emblazon the very delicate skin with a scarlet splotch. This was one bad burn. I tended it as best I could and a few days in finally called the hospital nurse's line to confirm it sounded like it was actually healing and not staying forever. Thankfully about 12 days later it's healed and only a slight scar on my body that is full of them.

Because of this experience I figured it was high time to buy a First Aid kit. I'm slightly embarassed that we didn't have it before and might just start giving it as a wedding gift now. Good thing I did because last night I gave myself another oven burn tattoo. I realize I also need to buy elbow length oven mitts since that along with my hands seem to be the most common victim.

Thus, always remember safety first, kids (and almost 30-year-old adults).


Twinkle Toes said...

the price we pay for bacon.

Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

Last week I was pouring pasta and boiling hot water into a strainer and it splashed back on me. Also soaked through my shirt and now I have a silver dollar-sized burn on my lower stomach. You're not alone and we both need to slow down! :/

Kelly said...

I hate when the house seems like bacon all day too!

John said...

Take heart, you're not the only fumsy clucker in the family, e.e.