Saturday, October 22, 2011

Progress Report-Part II

The bathroom is about 80% done. And my visits to the gym to shower are looking to be a thing of the past. All that is left on the to-do list is ripping up the awful linoleum and putting in a pedestal sink. The public lavatory model kills me.

The wallpaper tearing down process:

A previous owner actually used hot glue to seal the top and bottom of the wallpaper likely when it started to curl from moisture in the bathroom. I'd like to have a few words with the other person who slopped paint on the kitchen cabinetry, but that must wait for another day.

I hated those stupid moonbeams.

I am actually thankful in terms of wallpaper removal for this home-this was it, a border. Granted it had hot glue that had to be scraped off, but at least it wasn't rooms and rooms of it.

When my parents remodeled their house a few years ago, I earned my wings scraping wall paper down from every nook and cranny it seemed. Layers on layers of wallpaper. I shudder at the memory.

Finally gone.

First off-the grout lines in the tile are wider than we would like. However, being our first time dealing with tile (though we didn't lay it) we went with a recommendation. It's grown on me with the darker paint and accents as well.

The paint choice leans more towards the feminine side, but I'm trying to balance it with the black and gray accents. Scott is manly enough to handle it though.

The two white spots in the above picture are waiting for a new set of hooks to go up.

I have to say I love it more than the hippie version that preceded it. And it's another lesson in the dramatic difference paint makes.

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