Sunday, April 29, 2012


This past week had touches of a feline theme, and unfortunately the two incidences were tragic and sad. However, things took a turn for a better on Friday night. At nearly 11, while enjoying vino on the porch of our neighbors', I heard the jingle of an animal collar and saw a cat running up our street. It stopped dead in its tracks, and was nearly hit, something I could not witness following Atticus' own fate and the site of one earlier in the week. Thankfully, the driver saw, and Priscilla and I went out to investigate. What a loving, sweet little kitty, who hung out on the porch with us the entire night. Blake dubbed her Roxanne.

Roxanne continued to resurface Saturday, and we even introduced her to Oliver. She was affectionate and clearly smitten with our area. She wore a collar and a bell, but had no tags. Having no cats around the house since our previous neighbors moved, I was very surprised to her visit.

Sunday morning came and with it, Roxanne on the porch. I walked up and down the street with her at my feet, like the Pied Piper, but couldn't come up with a home for her. I even tweeted her photo hoping someone would claim her. I feared taking her to the pound would mean a death sentence due to her non-kitty age. 

Ultimately, I wanted to keep her. But, being an outdoor cat, I wasn't sure how this would work out with Oliver who only comes outside (sadly) on a leash for his Vitamin D. Blake and Priscilla weren't in the market, especially with him being allergic. 

Coincidentally, the previous owners to Blake and Priscilla's house dropped by the same day and Julie, a  self-proclaimed cat woman, said she would take her in. Naturally, Roxanne was no where to be found at that time, but a few hours later, resurfaced.

I called Julie to see how certain she was about taking on a new cat in their new house and she obliged. Getting Roxanne into the carrier proved to be a feat, and anyone who has ever driven with a cat in tow knows that watching paint dry is a better activity, but once we arrived at the new home, Roxanne was welcome with open arms and pronounced male.  

It's comforting to know that this cat went to a good home. I admittedly am more sympathetic to animals than people (harsh, but true) since they have a genuine dependency on humans, but ultimately am a fan of any happy ending, and of course, The Police's hit that's been on repeat mentally all weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh hey, April

Sometimes there is so much yet so little to say in this little corner of the Internet I call mine. So I'll rely on visual aids.

It was Good Friday for this guy grazing outside. Thou shall not judge me on my weeds.

Bootlegger's 4th Anniversary Party, the evening of apocalyptic rain in Southern California.

The beautiful weekend that followed the storm.

A day in Laguna at the Laguna Beach Culinary Arts Institute wine and cheese tasting.

Driving Miss Daisy.
The day Scott took the keys to both cars and I walked to work and my sister picked me up to take me to my doctor's appointment. I also refreshed my knowledge of Poly Sci 100.

And, "Cat on a skateboard, briefly." YouTube sensation, no?