Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our house is SLOOOOOWLY coming together and each night I have visions of completion dancing in my head, quickly followed by far too many dollar signs. Le sigh. In a perfect, instant gratification world, this is my wishlist for completion.

Flooring. No picture needed to offer visual aid for that. Tile for the bathroom, kitchen, and service porch; laminate for the living room, hall, office, and bedroom. Still trying to convince Scott on that last one. Would you really want to have a vacuum for just one room?

Counter space. Not logistically possible.

A dining table. Might need to go custom with this. The shortest, narrowest, skinniest place to put a few plates and utensils is all I ask. Or a short 2 x 4 might do the trick.

(Pocket dining table from CB2)
Why are dining tables so expensive? And then you have to buy multiple chairs to go with them. That is one lucrative industry.

Ergonomic office chairs. I think this is considered a rather indulgent expense, but for as much time as we spend on the comp, it seems like a great value.

(Ripple leather office chair from C&B)
I actually want to paint the office a shade of teal with one wall done in chalk board paint. Red accents with flowers and desk accessories, so perhaps what's left on our wedding gift card from C&B can be utilized...

A pretty, landscaped backyard to have people over and entertain.

The list actually goes on much further than Santa's gift list, but I'm learning that if I take on too much I hyperventilate. So we'll leave it at that for now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Salute to Padres

I'd like to wish my dad a very happy Father's Day today for being the shuttle to my doctor's appointments, coach to my softball teams, driller of tetherball pole holes in the driveway for Christmas gifts, and natural handyman for all things house these days. I love you! Thank you for your support of my activities all through life. I love you.

After hiking in Crystal Cove in February

And to the newer father in my life, thank you for your welcome into your family nearly 10 years ago. I have felt as part of it then as I do now. Your lending ears and wisdom have been utilized beyond what's permissible, and the best part is that your son has inherited them and other great qualities from you...including that knack for delicious barbecue!
My father in law pictured in the Dodgers shirt (duh) at a Memorial Day celebration.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Drawing the Line

With the supreme domination of social media these days, I am starting to see my personal life encroached by my work life in the areas that I have reserved for "after 5." Now, obviously, I have a blog that is viewable by anyone, but only if you are seeking it out. And I realize some work colleagues cross the border to friends, which is even more fabulous because these are some awesome people.

I suppose my point is that the area is fuzzy is to where to draw the line from work colleague to best drinking partner (though I am not sure that person really exists, though Kerri probably admirably holds that title because of far too many wine nights spent together.) I don't want people that I see in a professional setting virtually co-mingling on Facebook with my nearest and dearest. Political debates can heat up and Eve doesn't know Joe from Adam. I struggle with randomly going through my FB account and deleting the work people from being friends but than am plagued by the networking factor. I understand how vital it is and what a small world we live in, but is it worth at the end of the day? I don't know. And going through my privacy settings to make each person's access to my info equatable to Fort Knox seems tedious.

Right now, one g&t and one margarita in, people are about to get axed. And don't think I don't like you-bottom line is I like FBook to be kept for people who know the big thing that happened in October. If you don't know, there's my line in the sand.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Confessions

I follow soccer as much as I pull all nighters.

So, with all of this World Cup business I can't help but think the Quidditch version.

Bulgaria vs. Ireland anyone?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Kitty Becomes a Cat

Today, Atticus left the confines of our home to live among the cats of the neighborhood. I have been supremely against this for his entire (one year life) but in the last week he has done severe damage to our couch cushion. And naturally it's the same cushion so I can't rotate it anymore without the zipper or maimed sections showing.

This morning, after I found his latest frenzy all over the floor and his cat food bag that he tore apart, I decided today, June 10, was as good as any to set him free. I watched him through the window before I left for work, chasing the other neighborhood cats and having a great time.

When I came home at lunch time, I found him straddling the gate between our house and our neighbors like a pathetic little kitten. It was evident that he thinks I abandoned him and no sign of his buddies around (though, this is also a good thing. See herb garden post here.)

Now I realize this is an animal. Animals are naturally found outdoors. BUT when you raise one indoors for its entire life, I imagine it's like dropping your 5-year-old off at kindergarten for the first day. Who knew deep down I was a lover of (my own--not others) cats.

I was strong and did leave him outside after lunch. When I got home from work before one final meeting, he was glad to have the companionship again, nuzzling, and ready to stay indoors. But, again, I left him outside as I left again. After finally returning home for what felt like the 657th time today, he'd been let in by Scott, and feeling cozy on the floor in one of his favorite spots.

Currently, as I blog via my porch, he's running around the front yard chasing bugs as dusk turns to night. Not sure how the next twelve hours are going to go, but I'm pretty proud I didn't cave during my time home leaving him inside. Victory for me in self-discipline.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Bacon and Jury Duty"

My pal Kelly who writes about achieving perfect ponytails discussed her Google Analytics today-which I thought was brilliant, so I am stealing it. She has great ideas underneath that perfect pony.

Like many before me have said, it really is interesting to see how people find your blog. I don't write to be found, but if somebody does stumble across, I hope they are at least interested in what they find. And mildly amused.

"Ethiopian cookies" Well this post was about how I am quite unable to master a cookie you can sink your teeth into. Perhaps I should have my mom do a guest post about it, as she is the resident baker I've learned everything from. I hope that searcher was not looking to find an actual recipe for cookies from Ethiopia. That was probably quite insulting. I did find it funny someone also searched it misspelled as "Ettiopia."

"Steady gal" Hmm, I am fairly predictable and currently am still "going steady" with my high school boo.

"I wrote a sticky note to Joy," "King Curtis sticky note video," and "June I gotta tell you something I want my bacon" Oh dear Jesus, I hope these people realize how I have enriched their lives with this video. I might just watch it again. Right now. The world has Kerri's sister to thank for bringing that gem to my attention!

"Bell bottoms" Permissible only in the 70s, not a good look now. I advocate for wide leg trouser pants or jeans.

"Las Vegas Haselton" That must be referring Scott because I am not very fun in Vegas-I am a grandma and don't like smoke. Scott is a night owl, enjoys gambling, and does not mind places other than California that allow smoking.

"Acrostic name poems using the name Mecca" 7th grade Googler learning about Islam?

"Bacon and jury duty" HILARIOUS and true that I have blogged about both. Jury duty would probably see more people show up a) on time b) at all if they provided it.

"halalujia" (sic) If you feel it, proclaim it! And have Google suggest how to really spell it.

"Muse concert in Vegas what to wear" You would think I frequent Vegas with these searches, but really most recently it was just one concert in December featuring Muse. To the searcher I would say wear a really great pair of jeans (I wore skinny jeans for the first time) a fun top, and some great shoes. If I can advocate anything for fashion it's a sassy pair of shoes. But don't give yourself blisters. Too much walking required on The Strip.

"Peeping toe" Peep toe shoes-a type of shoe every girl should have in her closet. If this was a medical query, well, I can say my big toe arches and always made holes in my dance shoes, which I suppose is a 'peeping toe.' Not much you can do it about it my friend.

There are several other terms that I'll save for another day. In the meantime, I realize that about 25% of my search queries are for the King Curtis video which feels like I am Santa Claus on Christmas morning to anyone who reads this little journal.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Herb Garden

Basil, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and chives.

And the King of the Hill working endlessly to get this grass back and healthy.

The old owner planted sod about a month before we moved in and then conveniently forgot to water. Lots of packed in dead grass back there, but Scott is working his magic and determined to restore life!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Confessions

Somewhere in between buying our duplex, sprucing up the rental unit, and going about my daily routine, I decided to neglect my eyebrows.

Now I realize it's probably about one step away from Mr. Levy's infamous facial hair, but what I saw in the mirror this morning elicited an audible gasp.

The situation has been pruned to (manageable) perfection.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Birthday Greeting

To my problem-solver, electricity-provider, blues-singer, cigar-enjoyer, free-thinker, knowledge-seeking, soda-loving, laundry pile making, macaroni-fearing, sweet and caring beau,

Happy Birthday!

I love you. Cheers to you today, and everyday.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Baby Shower

Bridal showers and baby showers are not all that different when it comes to the main elements. The biggest difference I saw: the aww's and ooh's when opening presents. Women love mini clothing and accessories that's for sure!

The decor

The savory spread

The sweet spread

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts yet to come.

The mama to be flanked by her high school girlfriends.

Guess the Baby

College rivalry baby wear.

Aunt Judy tied her gifts together in a laundry. Completely adorable.

Hostesses gearing up for round two: Scott's birthday red-wine tasting-tapas party. Whew!