Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our house is SLOOOOOWLY coming together and each night I have visions of completion dancing in my head, quickly followed by far too many dollar signs. Le sigh. In a perfect, instant gratification world, this is my wishlist for completion.

Flooring. No picture needed to offer visual aid for that. Tile for the bathroom, kitchen, and service porch; laminate for the living room, hall, office, and bedroom. Still trying to convince Scott on that last one. Would you really want to have a vacuum for just one room?

Counter space. Not logistically possible.

A dining table. Might need to go custom with this. The shortest, narrowest, skinniest place to put a few plates and utensils is all I ask. Or a short 2 x 4 might do the trick.

(Pocket dining table from CB2)
Why are dining tables so expensive? And then you have to buy multiple chairs to go with them. That is one lucrative industry.

Ergonomic office chairs. I think this is considered a rather indulgent expense, but for as much time as we spend on the comp, it seems like a great value.

(Ripple leather office chair from C&B)
I actually want to paint the office a shade of teal with one wall done in chalk board paint. Red accents with flowers and desk accessories, so perhaps what's left on our wedding gift card from C&B can be utilized...

A pretty, landscaped backyard to have people over and entertain.

The list actually goes on much further than Santa's gift list, but I'm learning that if I take on too much I hyperventilate. So we'll leave it at that for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, woman. Do I ever hear you on how if you put too much on the housing to-do list, you'll break down and have a heart attack. I'm not kidding when I say our to-do list is probably a thousand miles long. I'm not sure how we're ever going to get there. It's sort of terrifying! But like, I feel better knowing that like, at least we've purchased some furniture, and things are getting decorated slowly! We should seriously compare housing notes sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Also--I feel like MAYBE I granted you access to read my friends-only entries on LJ? I can't really tell--it's all very weird with the OpenId logins? Anyway, I think possibly if you're logged in to your blogger account, you might see my blog entries that are private? I update way more often than it actually shows :) But thanks for swinging by and checking it out!!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Found you via That Wife and came over because you live in Orange County. We live in Long Beach. :)

Super cute blog.

I love CB2 and Crate & Barrel!