Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Bacon and Jury Duty"

My pal Kelly who writes about achieving perfect ponytails discussed her Google Analytics today-which I thought was brilliant, so I am stealing it. She has great ideas underneath that perfect pony.

Like many before me have said, it really is interesting to see how people find your blog. I don't write to be found, but if somebody does stumble across, I hope they are at least interested in what they find. And mildly amused.

"Ethiopian cookies" Well this post was about how I am quite unable to master a cookie you can sink your teeth into. Perhaps I should have my mom do a guest post about it, as she is the resident baker I've learned everything from. I hope that searcher was not looking to find an actual recipe for cookies from Ethiopia. That was probably quite insulting. I did find it funny someone also searched it misspelled as "Ettiopia."

"Steady gal" Hmm, I am fairly predictable and currently am still "going steady" with my high school boo.

"I wrote a sticky note to Joy," "King Curtis sticky note video," and "June I gotta tell you something I want my bacon" Oh dear Jesus, I hope these people realize how I have enriched their lives with this video. I might just watch it again. Right now. The world has Kerri's sister to thank for bringing that gem to my attention!

"Bell bottoms" Permissible only in the 70s, not a good look now. I advocate for wide leg trouser pants or jeans.

"Las Vegas Haselton" That must be referring Scott because I am not very fun in Vegas-I am a grandma and don't like smoke. Scott is a night owl, enjoys gambling, and does not mind places other than California that allow smoking.

"Acrostic name poems using the name Mecca" 7th grade Googler learning about Islam?

"Bacon and jury duty" HILARIOUS and true that I have blogged about both. Jury duty would probably see more people show up a) on time b) at all if they provided it.

"halalujia" (sic) If you feel it, proclaim it! And have Google suggest how to really spell it.

"Muse concert in Vegas what to wear" You would think I frequent Vegas with these searches, but really most recently it was just one concert in December featuring Muse. To the searcher I would say wear a really great pair of jeans (I wore skinny jeans for the first time) a fun top, and some great shoes. If I can advocate anything for fashion it's a sassy pair of shoes. But don't give yourself blisters. Too much walking required on The Strip.

"Peeping toe" Peep toe shoes-a type of shoe every girl should have in her closet. If this was a medical query, well, I can say my big toe arches and always made holes in my dance shoes, which I suppose is a 'peeping toe.' Not much you can do it about it my friend.

There are several other terms that I'll save for another day. In the meantime, I realize that about 25% of my search queries are for the King Curtis video which feels like I am Santa Claus on Christmas morning to anyone who reads this little journal.

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Kelly said...

I love it! bacon and jury duty ahahahah