Monday, December 19, 2016

Three Months

So, we've been here nearly three months and it's flown by. Also, pretty obvious my blogging took a dive once Josephine was born, so I'm hoping to catch up somewhat in this post with what our lives have looked like since around Thanksgiving.

Our parents came and visited for a week, respectively, which was awesome. Nothing like introducing your daughter to her grandparents for the first time, and watching Henry be reunited with some of his favorite people. They saw the usual sights, and we joined them on a few for the first time as well. Scott went to the National Archives (keeper of the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution) for the first time, and I joined my parents at Arlington National Cemetery and the National Museum of American History (highlights-the replica of Julia Child's kitchen, Sesame Street Muppets, and Breaking Bad props).


Henry developed a really weird rash and extreme itching that I was convinced was chicken pox, even though he's been vaccinated. We've since ruled it out but it made for some stressful days attempting to run interference between him hugging Josephine ( though adorable) and overanalyzing her every sound/reaction in particular. We still don't know what it was, but thankfully, it looks to be mostly gone.

I have made some friends! And found a playgroup for Henry!

We made our first trip to the mall (very weird to have to pay for parking) and visited Santa. Also, the mall was FOUR stories-crazy town. This Santa was exceptional too. He got up from his couch and chatted with Henry before the photo opp, and did the same thing after, engaging with him and the other kids. Josephine slept the entire time.

It has gotten COLD. In fact, I saw an icon on my iPhone I hadn't seen before-a snowflake with a thermometer. Turns out, that's "freezing rain." It rained overnight last weekend and well, it froze. I had plans to go to coffee with the new friends mentioned above but with it being so cold, I considered driving. When I saw the state of our car (below) it was determined I'd be walking. I made it there with a few close calls but did slip and fall on the icy sidewalk (I'm fine) on the way home. Womp womp. It's probably time we buy an ice pick/snow brush for the car. We've been teased with the snowflake about half a dozen times now, but no snow yet.

We've stayed indoors lately because the temperatures have been so low, and I'm still a bit nervous about Josephine's exposure to the cold. It's probably all in my head because obviously people out here have babies AND there are colder climates also with newborns, but her being only 5 weeks old and 40 degrees outside causes me more worry than enjoyment. I'm summing it up to the California weather part of me-freaking out with the change.

Last night we braved the elements and bundled everyone up to view the National Christmas Tree and accompanying White House decorations. I have to say at the sake of sounding critical, South Coast Plaza's tree is more memorable!

Missing everyone back home, especially as Christmas draws closer!


We've been lucky to have both sets of parents pay us a visit since our move out here, and it was so nice to be able to obviously introduce their newest granddaughter, but also introduce DC to them all for the first time. Like any reunion, it was hard to say goodbye, but I think they'll be making trips back in the spring to see how much their grandkids have grown and more of the area.

Scott's mom flew out on a red eye the night Josephine was born, and stayed for a week before his dad joined us. Due to recovering, I couldn't join them for much sightseeing, though since Scott was still on partial paternity leave, he was able to join them on some excursions. They definitely earned their stripes walking the streets and riding the metro like pros.

My parents arrived a week and half later, and my mom was initiated right away. After settling into their house and walking over to ours, she tripped on the awful (like, 10x worse than the worst Fullerton street) sidewalks here and got a black eye and very bruised wrist. Welcome to DC!

By the time my parents came, I was able to be up and around, thus able to take in more sights with them, and they even got to be present for Josephine's first Metro ride.

We're very lucky to have parents willing to travel and see us during this adventure! Miss you guys!

We were also very lucky to have my longtime and very dear friend Courtney swing by during her whirlwind professional travels for an awesome morning visit!