Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend started as any Good Friday should--with a trip to the Library of Congress for Josephine's first story time! As you'd expect, it's a big attraction for the toddler and preschooler crowd, and limited to the first 50 people. We got there pretty early and secured our number, and then Henry was able to check out all of the cool toys, books and bean bags in the children's area.

The librarian was awesome--lots of songs, stories, finger plays--the usual story time fare. It seems they ask if there are any birthdays each week to which Henry shot his hand up and they all proceeded to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, and he ate it up. While I sat there wide eyed, he enjoyed every moment. When I asked him about it later, he said simply, "She asked if anyone had a birthday. I have a birthday." Selective hearing for the win! He was really chatty during the experience which can be frustrating to anyone but this librarian was very gracious and encouraging of his comments.

Friday afternoon we also dyed our eggs/appeared to play a rousing game of beer pong ;)

Saturday morning, we departed on our drive north to Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania, where Scott's cousin and her family live on a large property with woods and rolling hills and even some farm animals. If you haven't been, Pennsylvania is pretty darn beautiful!

Henry was in heaven with their youngest son, following him around and learning the ways of country life.

We were treated to an awesome hike to the Susquehanna River, delicious meals, and of course, a delightful weekend celebrating Easter. Their land (because it is like 30 'backyards') provided the perfect backdrop for egg hunting. Thanks so much for your 5-star hospitality guys, we had a fantastic time!


While April isn't over, we've embraced the warmer temperatures and beautiful days for more exploring and adventuring around the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

In early April, we participated in Kite Days, as one of many activities associated with the cherry blossom festival. Kite Days is a celebration on the Mall packed with various activities, with the principal being, obviously, BYOK and flying it. It was a blustery day, a little aggressive for novice kite flyers, but it was so cool to be sandwiched between the Lincoln Memorial and Monument flying our kites with hundreds of others. Henry LOVED it.

Spring is in full bloom here too-it's absolutely gorgeous. Every day I spy new tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths blooming in yards and gardens. The trees are like nothing I've seen before too.

White House photo cred to Scott.
On a particularly beautiful morning, we visited The Yards Park for some water fountain play and scenic Anacostia River views. 

We've had playdates at new parks, lunch dates with Dad at the Botanical Gardens, and painted rain gauges from Grandpa Dave.
I also drove the kids out to Burnside Farms in Haymarket, Virginia (about an hour's drive), for their Festival of Spring. It's a flower farm, growing tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths that you can pick in the spring, and sunflowers in the summer. I've never been to the Carlsbad flower fields but I'd guess it's somewhat similar. 

For little boys not so interested in the picturesque spring views, they also offer a bounce house, inflated trampoline, and giant slide. Win-win for everyone in attendance.

Henry wasn't too sure about the giant clogs, so he snapped my picture instead. His focus was on the right thing ;)

It's been a fun month and it's not over yet!