Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things I Have Learned While Being Home

1. Walmart has far, far too many commercials on the telly.

2. I need to appreciate the simple things in life more-like easily moving from laying to sitting, sitting to standing, and backwards. Or coughing/sneezing/blowing my nose, which all require use of stomach muscles.

3. Women who give birth, I bow down to you. Even if you don't give birth and are a mom, I still bow down you.

4. I have missed daytime television like Regis and Kelly, Ellen, and eternal reruns like Law and Order.

5. We need new couches. My back is dying from compensated posture from the procedure and the Craig's List couches flaws are not helping.

6. I thought I had a substantial rotation of daily websites to visit. Turns out, kind of low when there is nothing new each hour.

7. My apartment community does a lot of landscaping each day, beginning at about 10 a.m. on the nose. Tends to interrupt my morning drug-induced nap.

8. Seriously, moms, hats off to you.

9. My appetite has been rather strange and thus have not been able to take full advantage of The Food Network. It's so sad, yet some things are just unsettling to watch them make.

10. I could get used to being home all day. Easily.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Memories of Halloweens Past

I love Halloween, or any reason to dress up for that matter. My mom was the best growing up-always making my costumes from patterns that we scoured over at JoAnn's in the McCall's books, then selecting the fabric and perfect trims (hello early rhinestone obsession). I need to learn how to sew for any future children I may have, as I just can't buy costumes in a bag. I either piece them together through thrift store finds, or for a few years, had the awesome hookup with the Big SL custom-making a few.

This year, because of the surgery, I'll be home recovering, and living in an apartment complex does not provide many trick-or-treaters. I love seeing kids in their costumes which is the ultimate treat for me. Hopefully soon I'll learn how to piece together a bobbin through a class or at least my DIY diva BFF, Kerri.

Now who doesn't like a trip down memory lane? Here are some of my most memorable costumes from the past twenty-something years. Special thanks to my mom for not only sewing 90% of them, but also scanning the pictures and emailing them to me :)

Who doesn't like Christmas a little early?

Classic Halloween staple-witch with creepy green face, and my cousin Amy as some form of trooper.

My childhood neighbor and friend Joanne, whom I spent many a Halloween's with!

...or simply afternoons in preparation of Halloween, playing dress up.

Probably my favorite costume-Miss America. Kept that sash around for a while!

Kerri always loved those "Scary Stories" books growing up-much braver than I, and went with an appropriate costume that year. Her mom puff-painted the "Erin" megaphone on my uniform.

Beginning of the awkward stage and end of those costume years! I had an unnatural obsession with "Grease" for longer than one should My sister made the cutest Pebbles though.

The laptop these pictures were on crashed so I am left with only this proof-sized option from a few years ago. I LOVED this military outfit. Bought the real deal at an Army surplus and had SL take it in, in a few choice places. Kerri made for a pretty cute librarian herself.

Believe this was in 2006 and probably the last time I really dressed up. Kerri was a soda shoppe girl and I was supposed to be a gangster but sans fedora, all I really looked like (or confirmed to be) was a Broadway babe or glittery librarian. Either was fine-costume sparkled and Kerri and I had our signature Romy & Michelle pose down.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Recovery

It has been three days since my surgery and all I can say is that it's been baby steps towards recovery. Opening any part of the body is painful and causes supreme discomfort after the fact. My incision was made on my abdomen-a place that is required for virtually any sort of movement.

Basically, this surgery is quite similar to a cesarean section. A bikini cut is made along the abdomen and the fibroid is removed. My fibroid was 12 cm in diameter, and my best girl, who waited throughout the surgery with Scott, reminded me that it's comparable to the size of a baby's head at birth. Good lord I can't even imagine the shoulders. My doctor was surprised at it's final size, as its been growing at a considerable rate the past three years.

My procedure took about an hour and a half, and I stayed in the hospital for one night. I woke up with no appetite, even though I had not eaten in nearly 15 hours-nor had anything to drink, but I was extremely parched and was allowed to chew ice cubes.

About 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, I needed to move around to alleviate pressure that had built up inside me and had the worst dizzy spell I've ever experienced. Standing up for 30 seconds was as much as I could handle before my head went spinning, my ears closed up, and nausea overwhelmed me. A few hours later, a lovely nurse took me for the shortest, albeit felt like the longest, walk down the hall. It was extremely painful, as I felt like my organs were moving around and mixing up in my stomach, let alone the tender spot that shot shooting pains when I sat up and down. Scott returned around lunch time and took me on several walks as well, each a little easier than the last. With my progress Tuesday, my doctor felt I could go home, and I could not wait to get in my own bed.

I have always had the greatest respect for moms who deliver not only once, but multiple times. As I mentioned previously, this procedure is comparable to a c-section, and I have NO idea how I would be able to recover AND have a child to look after. I can barely deal with the cat let alone getting up and down to care for a child. I know they make it work, but wow. Women-you are amazing.

Food has been another obstacle in the past few days. I was allowed the ever popular Jello around 11 p.m. on Monday night, which was heaven sent as I still was only chewing ice cubes. I was able to have another cup that morning, accompanied by rice cereal and yogurt. Truly, I had no appetite though. Perhaps from the anesthesia, perhaps because my organs were moved around, I am not totally sure. I was offered a full lunch that I barely took a few bites of, and same for dinner. Since being home, it's been pretty much toast, tea, cereal, and soup. I am hoping my appetite will increase so that everything starts functioning properly again, but also trying not to stress over it as well.

Scott took some time off to be with me while I was in the hospital this week. He has been such a great caretaker, I can't even begin to thank him enough. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, has rang so true. I am so thankful to have him by my side, full of jokes when I need them, and an arm to help me around as well.

75% of women walk around with fibroids, unnoticed. Unless they cause problems, there is really no reason for concern. I needed to have mine removed because of complicating issues. If anyone who might read this has further questions about the procedure, I would be happy to answer them. It certainly is a lot more informative than 5-year-old forum boards and a doctor's second hand view.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Question of the Day

When are you too old to shop in the juniors section? The "misses" section a misnomer as it's more like 50-year-old Mrs. I know age is nothing but a number, but I refuse to be a mother someday wearing graphic tees that read "Spoiled Brat." Glamour don't then and glamour don't for 12-year-olds in my book.

Perhaps it's about the actual store and less the department. For example, when I shop, I always enter the juniors tab. However, I am realizing how much that is geared toward the teenager with the mini dresses, leggings, and Twilight marketing (well, that can really go for women of any age...). TBD has super cute items but it's about a 30% hike in price as well.

Urban Outfitters offers a niche style, truly, with the exception of a great few finds, they offer a style I don't think I'm cool enough to wear, though very much designed for the 20something. J Crew has to.die.for items but frankly I can only justify spending if it's on, final sale and again for my age group. Same goes Anthropologie; the sophisticated yet still somewhat quirkly big sister to UO. However Anthro, you need to have a blowout sale because otherwise I just fill up my website shopping cart with high hopes and wishful thinking.

So what is a girl to do? Well I will always love that fine French store, Tarjay, where sections are more like a venn diagram, as well as little boutiques and online stores such as ModCloth and Ruche-eclectic, fun, and enough coupon codes I can justify spending a few bucks on the items and assured I won't end up a "spoiled brat."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Myomectomy Monday

Now that everyone through my work knows my surgical procedure today, I figure I'll share it here too.

Depending on how it goes, I may blog about it after as I always find it helpful to have patient experiences when researching various issues. Perhaps it may be helpful for you or a friend, as its fairly common but also qualifies in the somewhat awkward category of woman issues.

I know I am in good hands for this rather routine procedure. The nurse that I spoke to for my pre-op was a riot and the hospital I will be at has a world class reputation. And even a gourmet chef. How 'bout them apples?!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Confessions

I love the movie Armageddon. There, I said it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fromage, Queso, Cheese, Heaven

Fall is here and thus is my favorite weekend lunch or dinner too-tomato basil soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Kelly at Part of Life is Having a Good Ponytail recently posted about this as well-it is such a beloved meal.

It has got me thinking, as I have had my fair share of probably hundreds of grilled cheese sandwiches in my life, of what is the best cheese?

Cheddar is too sharp for me. I hate to think my taste buds are changing because I do love a good slice on its own. However I did not care for it so much in the grilled cheese sliced-perhaps it was too thick and a shredded variety would have been better.

I have to be in the mood for Kraft/American cheese singles. They are strictly designed for grilled cheeses and a favorite childhood memory of a classic sandwich.

Truth be told, I am such a nut for mozzarella, most of my grilled cheeses have been of the Caprese variety lately-sliced mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil, which I make panini style in my panini press (thanks mom!) Sidenote-those things are a B to clean but so worth it for the panini.

So what is your favorite fromage for a grilled cheese sandwich? Gruyere? Four cheese shredded blends? I love a good recommendation!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Park Avenue Properties

Scott and I played Monopoly last night, a classic edition gifted by the lovely Traci for his birthday this year. Playing this game makes me realize how little I know about home ownership, and how much it would really work out to live in an era when rent was $40 on Park Place. Seriously? I know, it's all relative, but a girl can dream.

A very dear friend has been in the home buying process for a while now and I am just in awe of everything. I know that my coveted House Hunters and My First Place only show the glamorous side of things, not the frustration, tears, and filing cabinets full of paperwork. Just the thought of that makes me grimace.

If only it were as simple as passing go and collecting a steady paycheck with occasional tax refunds of $20 that cover 3 months rent on Mediterranean Avenue with a property big enough for twins in the game of LIFE.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This time of year, football is gearing up both professionally and with Friday night lights at local stadiums. That sport has one of the most dedicated followings, however, just not my cuppa.

More importantly in MY life these days are the baseball playoffs and I could not be happier that the Los Angeles Dodgers have made it to the National League playoffs. Seriously, they did SO well this year, their hard work should be rewarded.

Currently they are down 3-1 in the series against the Phillies. I don't like to trash talk publicly, but they ROBBED the boys in blue last night. Bad calls by the home plate umpire combined with not the best relief pitching from Broxton made for an epic ending for Philly fans last night, in what would have been a Dodger win. Bottom of the 9th, two outs and Jimmy Rollins hits a great one scoring two runs, who were on base from a walk and being hit by a pitch. Oy vey Broxton.

Call me a sentimentally emotional fan, but I love rooting for players that deserve it. If I am not a fan of another team or its players I simply sit quietly. To me, the adage "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" rings true in stadiums as well as every day life. We all have our favorite and of course there is rivalry among teams and fun-loving ragging, but some fans are seriously just fanatical yelling at people who don't deserve it, just because they happen to be a great player. Obviously I am speaking of Mr. Ramirez who is NOT my favorite member of the team, but a contributor nevertheless.

Anyway, crazy fans, fair weather fans, I have had enough of you. The playoffs and World Series means a lot to us who watch the games every night of the week, clenching our pillows to our faces and silent cheers (out of respect for others) while running the treadmill in the gym. Don't take Bon Jovi's theme song and jump on the local team train.

With that off my chest, let me give you a few reasons why the Dodgers are simply amazing:

1. They have an authentic park. No waterfalls, ringing bells, or whistles for that matter. It's a stadium with seats, hot dogs, and MannyWood.

2. There are no mascots besides the fans wearing royal blue and lots of it. No nearly homo-sapiens that jump around, green beastly monsters, or anything of the sort.

3. Vin Scully. The most informed, unbiased, and lover of baseball that is out there. He is so good he could BE this list.

Ok, so I trash talk a little. GO DODGERS!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Paths Not Taken

Do you ever wonder where you would be if you took another path in college or after high school? I sometimes consider where life would take me in a career by the interests that have developed after graduating and by simply maturing.

1. Knowing my priorities, I understand medical school would be way too intense for my lifestyle, but I am intrigued by neuroscience and studying how the brain operates. It is just fascinating, however that job would require way too much responsibility in having lives in your hands. Slightly overwhelming.

2. I often consider my love of languages as well, and studying linguistics would make for a very interesting experiences and perhaps even opportunity to travel. Word construction, sound, and how they develop is simply amazing.

3. Not really sure of the exact title, but how cool are nail polish names? I could really get behind Sally Hansen or even Sherwin Williams' paint color naming. And I'll throw in the imaginative marketing behind ModCloth's marketing of their pieces which are just darling.

4. Anyone that has direct contact with me often knows that I loved high school. I know some may never want to repeat those years, but I spent my days dancing, developed my budding event profession through ASB, and had virtually no responsibility outside of those commitments. I believe that being a guidance counselor or career counselor would be a great job. Students often don't have much idea of what they'd like to do professionally and with my ability to help people and a great source of patience combined with an environment I enjoy, would work out really well.

5. I love food. I love experimenting with food (most recently with salads) and believe I would do well in culinary or pastry school. If not that, I'd take the roll of permanent judge on Iron Chef. Any openings coming up FoodNetwork?!?!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Confessions

After a year of marriage Scott has caught on to something I have been trying to avoid.

No salad at dinner.

It is such a simple side item to accompany any meal however it's something I feel that is never executed to my expectations, as I compare it to the variety served in restaurants. Anything I've made is so boring. Perhaps I just need to pump up the ingredients to more gourmet status.

I also admit I don't really like salads, so unfortunately the one who is shopping is being a bit biased in the produce section. Scott has taken notice though. While in the supermarket together last weekend he casually said, "You know what we never have-salads!" It was then I knew I could not avoid it anymore. I bought a bagged Caesar salad this week and it was pretty good. We'll see how far I can go challenging myself in this arena.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

Today Scott took one for the ( E. Haselton) team by participating in an anniversary photo shoot with me. I cannot wait to see the pictures of course, but mostly I am glad he agreed to something that generally is not his glass of soda. It really meant a lot to me and I think these "wedding pictures 2.0" will be awesome.

After the photos the entire Hase fam went to a white wine party at my in-laws house which was a great time, as usual. Delicious tapas and wine tasting galore-right up our alley. Angels/Yankees game was intense and exciting, as well as the tasty pumpkin bundt cake from Audra.

Cheers to great weekends, family, and Dodgers baseball, even though it's tomorrow!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things You Can Do in 9 Years...

1. On average, go to high school and college
2. Raise a 9-year-old, obviously
3. Fight in the War of the Grand Alliance (aka The Nine Years War)
4. Date and then marry your best friend.

Scott and I, October 14, 2000, heading to Homecoming, where following the dance he'd ask me to be his girlfriend. I never say no to this guy =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Erin as Emily

As I move through life I am reminded of my Emily Post tendencies by those around me. What better place to address these public faux pas (Mrs. Franzia, I admit I don't know how to pluralize "pas") than here.

1. I do not believe certain words pertaining to the bathroom should ever be used in a public forum. Ever. Nor said aloud in the workplace.

2. Unless used in a situation of utmost emphatic importance, cursing just appears to be well, ignorant and uninformed. We have a fabulous language full of beautiful words. Try subscribing to "Word of the Day" to help illuminate that sentence. Who doesn't love a great adjective!?

3. Licking fingers is never, ever, EVER acceptable.

4. Pajamas are never permissible in public. Always dress prepared for Glamour to find you and place your picture on the "Glamour Do" list. This does not mean dressed to the nines, but just looking ready for the day.

5. Listen when people speak. Everyone is fighting to be heard. By just taking a minute to lend an ear, is really extending the greatest gift, time.

I am not arguing that I am above any of this-more or less just surprised by my peers with their actions that lack etiquette and manners that were instilled into me as a I grew up. I thought it was normal to shake with a firm grip and look someone in the eye while saying their name. It's certainly more memorable than a dead fish/non al dente noodle shake!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Confessions

I enter almost every contest I come across if the prize is something that is worthwhile to me. I don't think it's fair to enter every single contest out there because there is likely someone who really needs the item or service that may not apply to my lifestyle. I am a conscientious contest applicant!

Now knowing that I enter these, understand I have only ever won one. My freshman year of high school I had to be the biggest NSYNC fan at least in my city. The line was in the sand-I was a BSB hater and NSYNC lover. Admittedly, my favorite was Lance, who we all know is now gay. Now that is a Sunday Confession of its own actually. Anyway, the group (I was under no illusions they were a band at least) teamed up with Herbal Essences for a promotion to win a Valentine's date with the guys. Me, like every other fan of theirs, had visions of candelit dinners and serenades I am sure.

The contest required you to send proofs of purchase numbers from Herbal Essences shampoos with entry forms, unlimited amounts. What did this crazy fan do? Well I discreetly wrote down all of the different UPC codes I could find on bottles at my local Target. I recruited classmates in my French class to help me fill out entry forms all during the 30th lesson of Passe Compose that year-they were happy to help. Sadly though, I did not win the coveted date. However, I was one of 50 1st place winners who enjoyed an autographed poster of the boys. Contain your excitement though-the signatures were digitized and it was no date. I figured Lance and I were doomed (oh, if I only knew.)

I still have yet to win any contests, however you can bet I will keep entering. $50,000 from Glamour-you bet I have signed up!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturdays with Scott

In addition to being a superior musician, bartender, baseball player and fan, this guy can tear up the mountain.

When we first started dating in high school, Scott traveled to Jacksonhole, Wyoming with friends for an epic snowboard trip. Weekends growing up for him were spent making that twisting drive up the 395 to Bear Mountain.

Since then, we have taken several memorable trips to Big Bear with KROB and friends.

Scott, Rob, Harrison, and Kerri patiently putting up with my photos.

This season we have passes to use gifted to us last Christmas by Scott's parents that I cannot wait to take advantage of. Snowboarding has to be one of my favorite activities to do together, and perhaps someday soon a journey up to the Big Mountain aka Mammoth, will happen!

It was bright that day. And those goggles are legendary.

To anyone that reads this that does not reside in SoCal or near the southern west coast, yes the snow is usually manmade here, well, definitely in these pictures from Bear, but we work with what we have. I understand I would probably look the part of a pansy on a real snowcapped mountain. I'd still like to try!

Friday, October 9, 2009


In high school I forced myself to finish Great Expectations. Next to The Odyssey it was the hardest book to get through, though I did not make it past chapter three in the latter. I understand it's a classic, but with a title like that you have to give me a little more than eccentric old Miss Havisham.

I found that as I age, my view of the world has grown more cynical, as most people's do once we move into adulthood, bills, insurance, and other things I would rather not have to deal with. We no longer have the idealistic perceptions of childhood, though as often as I can, I do try to have a glass-is-half-full attitude.

I expect 100% of myself and those around me, whether in the professional world or my personal life. Lately, I have found just how disillusioned I was as a child, believing adults were so intelligent, and could figure anything out, assuming that just came with time. Well, it has been an utter realization on my part that neither of those are always true. I am continually shocked by the lack of rational thoughts that are contributing (or rather not) to the already chaotic world we live in.

On a more frivolous level, I also expect it in the shows I have grown to love as well as certain books that then transfer to the big screen. "The Office" has grown entirely into a relationship-based show, as the antics that originally made it such a comedy are fading. Similarly, "Jon and Kate," another series that arguably is not exactly reality television, will not grace my television anymore. Parents of perhaps America's most famous children, are acting so grossly inappropriate I can't imagine the effects it will have on their kids.

Thank goodness I still have my HP books and "30 Rock" on Netflix. So far neither of those have let me down!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cupcake Pops

After finally joining the harem of women that swear by the fabulous gal that is the Pioneer Woman, I can say I am officially a fan. She is amazing!

While stumbling around her blog, I found the directions for these awesome cupcake pops:


You can find the official recipe here.

After reading the recipe and seeing how simple it looked, I figured this would be perfect to bake for my sister's birthday cake and share with a few work friends also celebrating this week. I made two batches, the first on Sunday for my sister, and then I reserved the other half of the batch for Monday night. This was the first time I had worked with melting chocolate, and the first round pretty much had the shape, but lacked the definition. Not to mention I did not let the "cup" part dip deep enough.

The second batch I made changed two things, according to the recipe. I had forgotten to put the balls in the freezer to chill, which probably would have helped with shape retention, and I found that rolling them into ovals opposed to balls before using the cookie cutter worked well. I lacked to take pictures of the second batch but can say with confidence they likely improved at least from a 4 to a 5 on the baking cuteness scale. In terms of taste, these things are DELICIOUS. Go bake and make them now! They are moist and wonderful since the icing is mixed with the baked cake.

Thank you Bakerella, you might be my new dessert hero.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cotton Commercials

I must admit that I LOVE the Cotton commercials featuring Zooey Deschenal. The clothes they feature, particularly the dresses, are right up my alley, I just wish I could track down where they came from. I'd like to tell myself they are designer duds and I would not be able to handle the sticker shock, but it's cotton-affordable, loveable, washable cotton.

Miranda Lambert is the newest celebrity in the campaign but her featured wardrobe just doesn't do it for me like Zooey's. Perhaps it boils down to the red lips and bangs I wish I could rock.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!

My sister turns 18 today. Wow. Where did the time go? Happy Birthday Katie!

(picture circa summer 2008)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturdays and Sundays with Scott

Deviating from my usual sharing of the many fabulous things about my husband, today, Sunday, a day late, I will describe what we did yesterday instead.

One may have figured out that I am pretty compulsive when it comes to order in my life. It is no surprise when I start cleaning one thing, it will transition to other parts of the house because order is contagious in my brain. Every six months or so I go through my closet and get rid of clothes or items I don't use anymore. The outcome is gratifying because I can donate some great stuff to a charity and the organization and clean look of the space has me coming back periodically just to admire it.

We have a pretty sweet closet in our current abode, and with Scott's help, we were able to clear out nearly 4 bags of items, including shoes, tops, sweaters, a rhinestoned bulletin board (any takers before I give that up?), and more. Bless him, the boy even tackled the filthy barbecue on the patio, a task I was not enthusiastic about. After the master closet was done, I was able to make major adjustments in our guest closet, and then of course the bathroom cabinet (hot rollers, goodbye, your curls never stay). Sweet Jesus purging is good. Again the outcome is twofold-next time we move, I have already cleared out a good deal of items. However, the garage still needs to be tackled...

After the impromptu (fall?) cleaning, Tim and Audra, Scott's cousin and her husband, came over for dinner. Curses on me for not taking one picture. Dinner was delish, wine was wonderful, and Audra and I rediscovered a show from our past, Faerie Tale Theatre, hosted by Shelly Duvall. My gosh it was low budget but such a staple in both of our childhoods. I love rewatching things like that with the same people who experienced it too. It's like opening up a part of my memory and rediscovering something tucked away.

Today, Sunday I don't have anything to confess. Bless me father for I have not sinned, I am basically an angel.

Today I will be attempting these babies for my sister's 18th birthday dinner tonight. I love a baking challenge and these were too cute to pass up-and if all goes well I'll surely discuss here!

A final thank you to my boy for fixing my "www" issue. You may or may not have noticed that you could not access the site with the "www" present, and he figured it out without even trying. Gotta love him.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Healthy Dinners

Last night Scott and I fixed this healthy dinner that required about zero effort and was quite budget friendly as well.

1 lb. of Trader Joe's salmon stuffed with couscous and dill ($8)
Leftover grape tomato, red onion, and basil sauteed over skillet ($2)
Baby broccoli ($2)
Total cost for two: $6

Scott cooked the fish on a closed grill, never flipping, for about 7 minutes. The grape tomato side was made previously over the grill using one of these, gifted by KROB, which we love.

Sadly I don't think this CB grill basket is available anymore, but man is it awesome. We also cooked the broccoli in it, but note to anyone who is into broccoli-it's better steamed than slightly charred.

Tasty dinner for two!