Thursday, October 22, 2009

Park Avenue Properties

Scott and I played Monopoly last night, a classic edition gifted by the lovely Traci for his birthday this year. Playing this game makes me realize how little I know about home ownership, and how much it would really work out to live in an era when rent was $40 on Park Place. Seriously? I know, it's all relative, but a girl can dream.

A very dear friend has been in the home buying process for a while now and I am just in awe of everything. I know that my coveted House Hunters and My First Place only show the glamorous side of things, not the frustration, tears, and filing cabinets full of paperwork. Just the thought of that makes me grimace.

If only it were as simple as passing go and collecting a steady paycheck with occasional tax refunds of $20 that cover 3 months rent on Mediterranean Avenue with a property big enough for twins in the game of LIFE.

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