Friday, October 9, 2009


In high school I forced myself to finish Great Expectations. Next to The Odyssey it was the hardest book to get through, though I did not make it past chapter three in the latter. I understand it's a classic, but with a title like that you have to give me a little more than eccentric old Miss Havisham.

I found that as I age, my view of the world has grown more cynical, as most people's do once we move into adulthood, bills, insurance, and other things I would rather not have to deal with. We no longer have the idealistic perceptions of childhood, though as often as I can, I do try to have a glass-is-half-full attitude.

I expect 100% of myself and those around me, whether in the professional world or my personal life. Lately, I have found just how disillusioned I was as a child, believing adults were so intelligent, and could figure anything out, assuming that just came with time. Well, it has been an utter realization on my part that neither of those are always true. I am continually shocked by the lack of rational thoughts that are contributing (or rather not) to the already chaotic world we live in.

On a more frivolous level, I also expect it in the shows I have grown to love as well as certain books that then transfer to the big screen. "The Office" has grown entirely into a relationship-based show, as the antics that originally made it such a comedy are fading. Similarly, "Jon and Kate," another series that arguably is not exactly reality television, will not grace my television anymore. Parents of perhaps America's most famous children, are acting so grossly inappropriate I can't imagine the effects it will have on their kids.

Thank goodness I still have my HP books and "30 Rock" on Netflix. So far neither of those have let me down!

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