Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Confessions

I enter almost every contest I come across if the prize is something that is worthwhile to me. I don't think it's fair to enter every single contest out there because there is likely someone who really needs the item or service that may not apply to my lifestyle. I am a conscientious contest applicant!

Now knowing that I enter these, understand I have only ever won one. My freshman year of high school I had to be the biggest NSYNC fan at least in my city. The line was in the sand-I was a BSB hater and NSYNC lover. Admittedly, my favorite was Lance, who we all know is now gay. Now that is a Sunday Confession of its own actually. Anyway, the group (I was under no illusions they were a band at least) teamed up with Herbal Essences for a promotion to win a Valentine's date with the guys. Me, like every other fan of theirs, had visions of candelit dinners and serenades I am sure.

The contest required you to send proofs of purchase numbers from Herbal Essences shampoos with entry forms, unlimited amounts. What did this crazy fan do? Well I discreetly wrote down all of the different UPC codes I could find on bottles at my local Target. I recruited classmates in my French class to help me fill out entry forms all during the 30th lesson of Passe Compose that year-they were happy to help. Sadly though, I did not win the coveted date. However, I was one of 50 1st place winners who enjoyed an autographed poster of the boys. Contain your excitement though-the signatures were digitized and it was no date. I figured Lance and I were doomed (oh, if I only knew.)

I still have yet to win any contests, however you can bet I will keep entering. $50,000 from Glamour-you bet I have signed up!

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