Monday, October 19, 2009

Paths Not Taken

Do you ever wonder where you would be if you took another path in college or after high school? I sometimes consider where life would take me in a career by the interests that have developed after graduating and by simply maturing.

1. Knowing my priorities, I understand medical school would be way too intense for my lifestyle, but I am intrigued by neuroscience and studying how the brain operates. It is just fascinating, however that job would require way too much responsibility in having lives in your hands. Slightly overwhelming.

2. I often consider my love of languages as well, and studying linguistics would make for a very interesting experiences and perhaps even opportunity to travel. Word construction, sound, and how they develop is simply amazing.

3. Not really sure of the exact title, but how cool are nail polish names? I could really get behind Sally Hansen or even Sherwin Williams' paint color naming. And I'll throw in the imaginative marketing behind ModCloth's marketing of their pieces which are just darling.

4. Anyone that has direct contact with me often knows that I loved high school. I know some may never want to repeat those years, but I spent my days dancing, developed my budding event profession through ASB, and had virtually no responsibility outside of those commitments. I believe that being a guidance counselor or career counselor would be a great job. Students often don't have much idea of what they'd like to do professionally and with my ability to help people and a great source of patience combined with an environment I enjoy, would work out really well.

5. I love food. I love experimenting with food (most recently with salads) and believe I would do well in culinary or pastry school. If not that, I'd take the roll of permanent judge on Iron Chef. Any openings coming up FoodNetwork?!?!

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Twinkle Toes said...

i too have wanted to be the person who gets to make up names for colors, or a food critic. Paid to eat fine food and give my opinion...what could be sweeter? or more savory?