Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This time of year, football is gearing up both professionally and with Friday night lights at local stadiums. That sport has one of the most dedicated followings, however, just not my cuppa.

More importantly in MY life these days are the baseball playoffs and I could not be happier that the Los Angeles Dodgers have made it to the National League playoffs. Seriously, they did SO well this year, their hard work should be rewarded.

Currently they are down 3-1 in the series against the Phillies. I don't like to trash talk publicly, but they ROBBED the boys in blue last night. Bad calls by the home plate umpire combined with not the best relief pitching from Broxton made for an epic ending for Philly fans last night, in what would have been a Dodger win. Bottom of the 9th, two outs and Jimmy Rollins hits a great one scoring two runs, who were on base from a walk and being hit by a pitch. Oy vey Broxton.

Call me a sentimentally emotional fan, but I love rooting for players that deserve it. If I am not a fan of another team or its players I simply sit quietly. To me, the adage "if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all" rings true in stadiums as well as every day life. We all have our favorite and of course there is rivalry among teams and fun-loving ragging, but some fans are seriously just fanatical yelling at people who don't deserve it, just because they happen to be a great player. Obviously I am speaking of Mr. Ramirez who is NOT my favorite member of the team, but a contributor nevertheless.

Anyway, crazy fans, fair weather fans, I have had enough of you. The playoffs and World Series means a lot to us who watch the games every night of the week, clenching our pillows to our faces and silent cheers (out of respect for others) while running the treadmill in the gym. Don't take Bon Jovi's theme song and jump on the local team train.

With that off my chest, let me give you a few reasons why the Dodgers are simply amazing:

1. They have an authentic park. No waterfalls, ringing bells, or whistles for that matter. It's a stadium with seats, hot dogs, and MannyWood.

2. There are no mascots besides the fans wearing royal blue and lots of it. No nearly homo-sapiens that jump around, green beastly monsters, or anything of the sort.

3. Vin Scully. The most informed, unbiased, and lover of baseball that is out there. He is so good he could BE this list.

Ok, so I trash talk a little. GO DODGERS!

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