Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturdays and Sundays with Scott

Deviating from my usual sharing of the many fabulous things about my husband, today, Sunday, a day late, I will describe what we did yesterday instead.

One may have figured out that I am pretty compulsive when it comes to order in my life. It is no surprise when I start cleaning one thing, it will transition to other parts of the house because order is contagious in my brain. Every six months or so I go through my closet and get rid of clothes or items I don't use anymore. The outcome is gratifying because I can donate some great stuff to a charity and the organization and clean look of the space has me coming back periodically just to admire it.

We have a pretty sweet closet in our current abode, and with Scott's help, we were able to clear out nearly 4 bags of items, including shoes, tops, sweaters, a rhinestoned bulletin board (any takers before I give that up?), and more. Bless him, the boy even tackled the filthy barbecue on the patio, a task I was not enthusiastic about. After the master closet was done, I was able to make major adjustments in our guest closet, and then of course the bathroom cabinet (hot rollers, goodbye, your curls never stay). Sweet Jesus purging is good. Again the outcome is twofold-next time we move, I have already cleared out a good deal of items. However, the garage still needs to be tackled...

After the impromptu (fall?) cleaning, Tim and Audra, Scott's cousin and her husband, came over for dinner. Curses on me for not taking one picture. Dinner was delish, wine was wonderful, and Audra and I rediscovered a show from our past, Faerie Tale Theatre, hosted by Shelly Duvall. My gosh it was low budget but such a staple in both of our childhoods. I love rewatching things like that with the same people who experienced it too. It's like opening up a part of my memory and rediscovering something tucked away.

Today, Sunday I don't have anything to confess. Bless me father for I have not sinned, I am basically an angel.

Today I will be attempting these babies for my sister's 18th birthday dinner tonight. I love a baking challenge and these were too cute to pass up-and if all goes well I'll surely discuss here!

A final thank you to my boy for fixing my "www" issue. You may or may not have noticed that you could not access the site with the "www" present, and he figured it out without even trying. Gotta love him.

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Janae said...

OH Erin, I remember how excited I would get when you would clean out your closet. All those nordstroms bags full of new goodies (well new to me) was so so amazing. Haha