Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Erin as Emily

As I move through life I am reminded of my Emily Post tendencies by those around me. What better place to address these public faux pas (Mrs. Franzia, I admit I don't know how to pluralize "pas") than here.

1. I do not believe certain words pertaining to the bathroom should ever be used in a public forum. Ever. Nor said aloud in the workplace.

2. Unless used in a situation of utmost emphatic importance, cursing just appears to be well, ignorant and uninformed. We have a fabulous language full of beautiful words. Try subscribing to "Word of the Day" to help illuminate that sentence. Who doesn't love a great adjective!?

3. Licking fingers is never, ever, EVER acceptable.

4. Pajamas are never permissible in public. Always dress prepared for Glamour to find you and place your picture on the "Glamour Do" list. This does not mean dressed to the nines, but just looking ready for the day.

5. Listen when people speak. Everyone is fighting to be heard. By just taking a minute to lend an ear, is really extending the greatest gift, time.

I am not arguing that I am above any of this-more or less just surprised by my peers with their actions that lack etiquette and manners that were instilled into me as a I grew up. I thought it was normal to shake with a firm grip and look someone in the eye while saying their name. It's certainly more memorable than a dead fish/non al dente noodle shake!

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