Monday, December 19, 2016


We've been lucky to have both sets of parents pay us a visit since our move out here, and it was so nice to be able to obviously introduce their newest granddaughter, but also introduce DC to them all for the first time. Like any reunion, it was hard to say goodbye, but I think they'll be making trips back in the spring to see how much their grandkids have grown and more of the area.

Scott's mom flew out on a red eye the night Josephine was born, and stayed for a week before his dad joined us. Due to recovering, I couldn't join them for much sightseeing, though since Scott was still on partial paternity leave, he was able to join them on some excursions. They definitely earned their stripes walking the streets and riding the metro like pros.

My parents arrived a week and half later, and my mom was initiated right away. After settling into their house and walking over to ours, she tripped on the awful (like, 10x worse than the worst Fullerton street) sidewalks here and got a black eye and very bruised wrist. Welcome to DC!

By the time my parents came, I was able to be up and around, thus able to take in more sights with them, and they even got to be present for Josephine's first Metro ride.

We're very lucky to have parents willing to travel and see us during this adventure! Miss you guys!

We were also very lucky to have my longtime and very dear friend Courtney swing by during her whirlwind professional travels for an awesome morning visit!

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