Friday, November 25, 2016

An Ina Garten Thanksgiving

Since we spent this Thanksgiving just the four of us, I was not going to let the day pass without an attempt at making a (mostly) traditional spread. I've actually looked forward to hosting Thanksgiving for years-my house has just always been too small. So, this will be the dress rehearsal of hopefully future years in a home that has a table built for more than two!

Naturally, when menu planning, I decided to follow the guidance of entertaining extraordinaire and my personal food hero, Ina Garten. She hasn't failed me with any recipes yet, and even though I'm "entertaining" someone who already enjoys my cooking and a picky three-year-old, I still want to experience the foods of the holiday in celebration of the day. I'm keeping it simple and will miss some favorite sides but I only packed so many dishes, pots, and pans, and well, we always have Christmas to add in any missing favorites (like this-mushroom leek bread pudding-make and thank me later.)

Thanksgiving 2016 Menu:

I can't believe how simple this was and SO flavorful too. Leave it to Ina for simplicity and ultimate flavor.

In my opinion, haricot verts are always fancier than your average green beans, and when they are tossed with the gremolata, tasty! (I did forget pine nuts though, so they could have been even better.)

Full disclosure-I couldn't source the truffle butter in time, otherwise these would have been authentic Truffled Mashed Potatoes.

Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing*
Not pictured above. Trader Joe's fresh cranberry sauce and stuffing-because I'm the only one who likes them and,  #convenient.

Black Beans*
Not pictured above. Because the male Haseltons requested them...I find this so strange for a Thanksgiving spread... But, in the words of Henry: "Mom, I don't like green beans, I like BLACK beans!" Ok, kid.

As evident in the picture, there was some level of failure in the production of this pie. The crust was made a little big for the pan, and the filling made more than the pie could handle so the cup overrunneth when transporting to the oven. However, was my first pumpkin pie and taste was not compromised!

A good looking and tasting plate if I do say so myself.

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