Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Custom art created by my super talented friend Virginia :)
Baby GIRL (I still can't believe it!) Josephine arrived earlier than expected this month and is a total delight. I was truly convinced we were having a boy, and minutes before we went into the OR, the doctor went over last minute instructions about getting "him" out safely and how "he" should be fine, etc. So, as I said to Scott, cat was out of the bag. He asked me if I wanted confirmation and I said I didn't need when it just got it. He asked again and I said, ok, and it was then that he told me we were having a girl. I still couldn't believe it-she had said boy several times (and prior to this day as well) so I didn't believe him.  I thought perhaps at the time of the sonogram it did appear to be a girl but they can be wrong, so I figured things had changed. It was not until they were actually taking her out that I heard the doctor say "Dad, why don't you tell her what it is" and he smiled and said it was a girl. I cried (though, full disclosure, I would have cried if it were a boy too-this was my child!) and couldn't believe it. I still can't, and often wake up thinking "I have a daughter!"

Henry adores her and loves hugging and helping her (which I'm going to file away in my pictures and mental archives knowing full well it won't last forever!) and was particularly fascinated by her umbilical cord. 

With her full term due date being Thanksgiving, I think we are all feeling very thankful for her safe (yet surprising and a bit crazy) arrival, and that Scott's mom was able to come out so quickly to help care for Henry, that his dad later joined us, and that my parents will be here next week to meet their first granddaughter. 

While we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving on our own as a family of four this year, we will certainly be missing our families and wish you all a happy and healthy holiday. We certainly have much to be thankful for.

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