Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This is Halloween

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday-it encompasses all of the qualities that to me, make a great holiday--dressing up in costumes, decorations, pumpkin-flavored foods, generally colder weather, dressing up kids in costumes, and no gifts.

At three years old, this was the first year that Henry declared his costume desires when I started asking in the spring (when I generally start scheming for myself). He very clearly said he wanted to be a hammer, me to be a screwdriver, and Scott to be a toolbox or a saxophone. For the past six months he has very much remained dedicated to this hammer costume so I knew I had to bring it to life.

Moving across country provided ample boxes to choose from, since my internet searching revealed about four adult hammer-tool costumes yet plenty of MC Hammer options. I'm a maker anyway, so I knew I was going to construct it somehow, and figured cardboard was probably going to be the best material. Of the four inspirational images, I found, this one was the one that seemed the most appropriate and able to be replicated.

This was probably the cheapest costume I will ever construct too, because all it included were three moving boxes, duct tape, silver spray paint, a few staples, and two sheets of poster board.
Though I felt bad I didn't deliver on my own screwdriver, he was
agreeable to my modified themed costume. 

The hammer "head" was clearly the piece de resistance, and I'm certain the Smithsonian is going to be calling wanting it for their American History of Halloween showcase exhibit that is still seeking funding sources. The "handle" was a bit more of a challenge in that I thought poster board would provide the best sturdy construction, but it did prove to be hard for him to go up and down stairs due to the restrictive nature. In hindsight, felt or a fabric might have been a better know, for my next tool costume.

Our trial run with the costume-Hilloween on Friday.
Costume improvements were made for the big day.

Obviously, it's extremely gratifying to hear strangers compliment your costume and share how it's their favorite and how you don't see costumes like that anymore, but I was really just a defining mom moment to bring his vision to life. He owned it and watching him walk down the street and hear him make his "trick or treat" requests just makes Halloween even more of an epic holiday to experience it through his eyes. And, I think he may have equally enjoyed handing out candy as much as receiving it. Once we were home, he'd meet adults at the sidewalk and give them candy to which they were always delighted to receive from this very gracious little boy.

Halloween in DC was pretty epic itself-which was a huge relief to me, wanting to provide Henry the experience that he knows. It reminded me of certain neighborhoods in Fullerton where kids are bussed in and the streets are flooded with parents and costumed children. The neighbors are gathered outside in many cases, enjoying the social aspect of the holiday, and the decorations are over the top.  Besides our own street we went to a few blocks over to a small one-way street where the neighborhood really collaborates and hangs lights across the street as well as includes very theatrical decorations. Makes for really efficient trick-or-treating!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween themselves! Only 364 days until next year!

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