Friday, June 18, 2010

Drawing the Line

With the supreme domination of social media these days, I am starting to see my personal life encroached by my work life in the areas that I have reserved for "after 5." Now, obviously, I have a blog that is viewable by anyone, but only if you are seeking it out. And I realize some work colleagues cross the border to friends, which is even more fabulous because these are some awesome people.

I suppose my point is that the area is fuzzy is to where to draw the line from work colleague to best drinking partner (though I am not sure that person really exists, though Kerri probably admirably holds that title because of far too many wine nights spent together.) I don't want people that I see in a professional setting virtually co-mingling on Facebook with my nearest and dearest. Political debates can heat up and Eve doesn't know Joe from Adam. I struggle with randomly going through my FB account and deleting the work people from being friends but than am plagued by the networking factor. I understand how vital it is and what a small world we live in, but is it worth at the end of the day? I don't know. And going through my privacy settings to make each person's access to my info equatable to Fort Knox seems tedious.

Right now, one g&t and one margarita in, people are about to get axed. And don't think I don't like you-bottom line is I like FBook to be kept for people who know the big thing that happened in October. If you don't know, there's my line in the sand.

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