Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Confessions

I follow soccer as much as I pull all nighters.

So, with all of this World Cup business I can't help but think the Quidditch version.

Bulgaria vs. Ireland anyone?

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Traci said...

I have actually been watching as many World Cup games as possible. Probably because 1) I love pretty much all sports; 2) unlike the NFL, NHL and MLB, when there is a "World Champion", they actually are; 3) at the end of the match, all of the players take off their shirts and that looks mighty nice; 4) mi novio este Mexicano and if he can learn baseball and get into it, the least I can do is return the gesture.

I was going to mention how reason three is facetious but I thought about it and no, it's not. Those dudes are serious athletes and there's nothing wrong with appreciating the results. Compared to "our" football stars (Hello guys and oxygen tanks?), I'd take watching Ronaldo for 90 minutes anyday.