Friday, November 20, 2009

Back to Work Recap

This concludes the week that I returned to work post surgery and wow its been a doozy.

I wore a skirt Monday-Wednesday, and yesterday due to immense fatigue and cold weather, I had no energy to shave my legs and thus had to wear pants. Big mistake. The waistband and fabric rubbed the swollen incision every time I stood, sat, or moved at all. Today will be another dress, though this experience has told me I do not own enough skirts/dresses and of those only two accommodate tights. I can't do colored tights or leggings, so it's black only and my husband suggested nude but then I would feel in costume or that I'd regressed back to the dance team and forgotten to take them off for the day following the morning rehearsal. Perhaps this illuminates more fashion phobias I need to get over. It will likely leggings before colored tights.

My energy levels have been ok. Usually around the afternoon I am most fatigued and sore but only due to the increased movement. It's a hurdle I need to conquer, but none too quickly.

Overall, some days are better than others. Shooting pain can't be helped much when I am out of my prescription because my doctor has weaned me off, though ibuprofen does a great stand in job. I had some long days due to catch up and deadlines, but as they say, c'est la vie.

I am thankful to have good friends there to check on me to make sure I am not lifting anything (Leah and Cristal) and of course just doing well throughout the day (Andrea). Thank you guys :)

All I can say at this point is TGIF. After three weeks off that feeling came back real quick.

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Ong said...

No problem kiddo, just want to make sure you are keeping on the road of recovery! (Slow and steady though it may be.)