Saturday, November 28, 2009

Commercials that Reek

Ever notice how perfume and cologne commercials have some of the weirdest (and I use this term LOOSELY) plot lines, ever?

These celebrities and models hawking their signature scent are always roaming in a dreamy field of wildflowers, an enchanted forest, or perhaps paradise beach, and occasionally chasing or being chased by some unattainable love interest*. I find myself with furrowed brows and a tilted head by the end of the 30 (and let's hope not 60) second spot.

I think the tried and true method of the scented samples in magazines are great. Perhaps by saving on commercial advertising, Faith, Reese, Shania, SJP, JLo, and the rest of them can make larger bottles and sell more, or shocker, save the money.

*I can tell you that Scott would not chase me in my perfume as to him, I smell like a grandma (and for the record, I rotate between Ralph Lauren Romance, SJP Lovely, and Estee Lauder Pure White Linen). The 'grandma' business is a constant debate.


Unknown said...

I'm always skeptical of celebrity fragrances anyways. Not that I'd ever buy a fragrance that was named after David Beckham or anyone else, but I never understood why they had to be named after said celebrity? I get that it's a marketing ploy, but to what extent did this person have in initially thinking of or creating this fragrance?

I can imagine Britney Spears standing in a lab coat smelling beakers of her new perfume saying things like,"it needs more rosey-ishness" or "yeah, that smells like me." Sign me up.

Erin said...

Hahha, so true. I love your Britney in a lab coat imagery!