Friday, November 6, 2009

Surgery Recovery-One Week

Let's see it's been 12 days since surgery, and the time has flown by.

Each day I find something I can do a little bit better, and they are huge milestones:

-I was able to walk downstairs to the mailbox several times this week. Granted I was ready for a major rest upon my return, but it was progress.

-I can sleep on my left side during the night (clutching a pillow to my stomach), which is amazing because I am normally a side sleeper, but have been restricted to my back. Scott is loving it as I don't sprawl/nudge/take over the bed that way. I do require a pillow underneath my knees still, as my body feels like it's stretching to its capacity while flat. I am pretty much one giant lump in bed with all of the pillows.

-I can bend down and pick things up that fall onto the floor, such as my Chapstick which Atticus likes to chase under the couch.

-My appetite is slowly returning. Some tastes have changed, and I hope it's only temporarily, as a need for coffee is virtually non-existent. Scott did make steak and ahi tuna two evenings, both of which I really enjoyed.

I am grateful for all of the well wishes, cards, and calls from friends and family-they really brighten the day and are sincerely appreciated.

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