Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Oh the Places You'll Go"

I was a little surprised to never receive this obligatory gift for neither my high school or college graduation. Maybe if I had received it it would have provided some insight for what I am supposed to do with my life. I feel like I am at a point where I need to decide, right now, and be happy forever. I am beginning to realize there is no perfect job, but I do want to do something with the bulk of my day that makes me happy and is gratifying. I have thought about going back to school to get my credential to be able to work as an ASB Advisor in a junior high or high school, but the problem with that is that my BA is in Communications-not really applicable. So I have no idea what I would do. Then there is also the idea of owning my own wedding planning business. That is something that I am good at, enjoy, and don't need much prep for-no going back to school.
Maybe making a list of pros and cons would be helpful.

Wedding Planner
+ Experience from internship
+ Good at
+ Mentor in Bre
+ Fun job
+ Know how to advertise
- Unstable
- Lack of health insurance
- Mercy of people hiring you

ASB Advisor/Teacher
+ Event planning component still there
+ Work well with others, including students
+ Inspired to help kids out and make HS or MS enjoyable
+ Summers off, winter break, HEALTH INSURANCE
- Go back to school
- Don't even know what goes into going back to school bc of teaching portion-what other classes? English seems most obvious, but I don't have an English degree
- Student loans would be necessary to continue

I need help.

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