Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Day My Phone Fell in My Coffee

The day will live forever in infamy, as I chastise myself for stupidly thinking I could carry the mug, phone cradled atop, and my peanut butter English muffin in the other hand. All it took was one movement, and BAM! The phone I did not buy insurance on, my first real "smart" phone and current Internet connection, submerged in a coffee pool garnished with milk and sugar.

The man at Verizon was not very helpful nor amused by my story. Perhaps he feels empowered by the idiots who bring in their now rendered useless electronics that he must try and fix. At least when he was able to open it, more coffee came out. "It's usually toilet water," he informed me.

$200 later, I bought a refurbished phone that was supposed to arrive overnight (Saturday) but notsomuch. Now FedEx is going to try and deliver while I am not home, but at work, and I am guessing I'll finally have it my hot little hands come Wednesday after their three attempts requiring a signature. Mind you this is after he told me overnight delivery as I originally did give my work address since I am there all day and assumed it would be next week. Gah.

Several problems have currently come of this: In the days that will now be known as When I Had a Phone, I made appointments for home repair bids and of course I gave that number out to several professionals: one electrician, one floor installer. I have a feeling there may be a few angry messages come later this week.

In the meantime, if you are a friend reading this, and have texted or called me, assuming I receive your texts and voicemails, I will call you back. In the meantime, I will graciously take advantage of Scott's MacGyvered method of Internet on the weekends, and of course, you can always get me at work.

By the way, this started the day where come 10 a.m. I was quoted $7k to put central heating in. Next Friday is looking really good right about now.

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