Friday, June 27, 2008


My GiraffeGirl tagged me, so here goes:

Attached or single? Definitely attached, and almost able to qualify in a new tax category!
Best friend? Scott, Kerri, Ashley
Cake or pie? Red velvet CUPcakes
Day of choice? Saturday
Essential item? Chapstick or some form of gloss, without a doubt
Favorite color? Currently olive green
Gummy bears or worms? Sour worms!
Hometown? Anaheim
Ideal vacation? A western-European epic journey
January or July? Well they both have a holiday, so that's a plus. But I'd go July, I enjoy summer.
Kids? Nay
Life isn't complete without: Peanut butter
Marriage date? 9.7.08
Number of siblings? One sister
Oranges or apples? Apples. Gala or pink lady.
Phobias? Voldemort
Quote? "Your sequins are burning my retinas"-that TLC Miss America show
Reasons to smile? Health, family, friends, a job
Tag 3 people: KL, KM, and Scott-but he won't do it, however I don't know any other bloggers.
Unknown fact about me: I used to want to join the Babysitters Club after reading their books in elementary school
Vegetable? Spinach
Worst habit? Building people up
X-ray or ultrasounds? Both.
Your favorite food? Just like Joey--sandwiches of any and all variety
Zodiac sign? Cap


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Ashley Aceto said...

I tried to start my own babysitter's club after reading the books! Im telling you, between our literary tastes and our hairstyles of choice, we needed eachother during our childhooods!