Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Concerning Cling Wrap

I am convinced one either has the skills to use cling wrap or they were just born with out them. Kind of like athletic abilities. Using cling wrap should never be a two person job. Who needs two people to open and close a sealable bag or close something with foil?

I think I may have discovered the secret to the wrap, that someone was holding out on me. Is only one side especially clingy? Perhaps I have been doing it backwards all of these years.

This revelation has not made me a professional, by any means. I merely have been able to do it solo the past few days.


Traci said...

I just discovered that there are tabs on either side of the cling wrap box that you push in to keep the roll of cling wrap from snapping up and flying the to side while you try to tear a piece off.

Erin said...

Interesting! I was unaware of this, I might need to see if my non-brand specific box is that fancy!

Ashley Aceto said...

I am going to need a visual lesson because I am still unable to master the "cling to nothing but itself" wrap!