Monday, September 21, 2009

Visiting the House of Mouse

This weekend, our friends Karen, Adam, Kerri, Rob, and I visited Disneyland, which basically was our backyard while growing up in Southern California. I am so glad we are locals because going in, we knew that Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion were closed for upgrading and improvements. However, it got a little ridiculous when not one, not two, but three other rides broke down while we were in line. Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Autopia all broke down, whether it was oil leaking into the water (deal with it!) or minor electrical issues (really?). Oh I joke, I don't want to be splashed with oily water nor be electrocuted on a rickety railroad.

It has to be so disappointing for families who travel out here to experience these rides and attractions. Only so much fun can be had on Pirates of the Caribbean, even if a pseudo Johnny Depp makes an appearance.

We made the best of it, hitting up other favorites and a new one for Scott, Rob, Kerri and I-Buzz Lightyear's Experience, which was fun. A great time was had by all, and we even did our fair share of people spotting, as Dland really lends itself to bringing varieties of people together.

Hopefully we can go back around Christmas time. There really is nothing like the snow and Christmas parade to make Orange County feel a little more festive during the 70 degree holiday season!

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