Sunday, December 13, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

This weekend, The Boy and I trekked with a few friends to the oasis off the 15 freeway, Las Vegas, for a Muse concert. Oh my gosh, was the concert AMAZING. I actually missed my days when I braved the pit, because this one was rocking. The band plays supremely well live-just like the CD, only better. I could go on and on about their talent but my writing would never do it justice. If you enjoy the band, I say see them if they come your way. You may experience whiplash pains the following day, but it is beyond worth it.

The concert was the highlight of the trip but it also lended itself to a fashion first for me. After several years hemming and hawing, I finally caved and bought, then actually did wear, skinny jeans with boots. I realize this is a very popular look these days, but I've always felt a little unsure about it. Sadly I did not take nearly any pictures this trip, so I give you this poor-hotel lighting phone photo:
Now a little background on boots and me. I loved them as a kid. I asked and received them for Christmas several times, and had a cute white cowboy pair, and a black, ankle scrunched pair, all well before 4th grade. 15 years later, they are all the rage (never left vogue, but I strayed) and I am down to buy a pair. Well, Scott actually detests the look of girls in boots and was even more appalled to see that I had "put my jeans into them." I however, struggle with chic winter looks because my only closed-toed shoes are work-wear and Converse (and Vegas is about Louboutins, not Chucks.) So, I WORKED the boots and jeans, both Friday and Saturday night. I felt good, but my feet felt awful about two hours in. Scott believes that it was God telling me he also does not like boots and skinny jeans. I'll suck it up to pain is beauty, concerning the giant blister on my big toe. Sorry hon, the boots are staying! AND what is most fabulous, is I paid only $80 for the boots and new jeans combined. Gosh I love a good deal.

Vegas was great, but it definitely reminded me of my great love for California's anti-smoking laws. I am not crazy for rights-restricting legislation in general, but I have only just finished laundering the stink out of all our clothing, and making the dry cleaner pile for tomorrow.

This was a fabulous weekend, one definitely worthy of being named our mini-winter vacation. And Muse will continue to dominate the airplay in my car to and and from work. I cannot get enough of them.

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Christi said...

darling boots and skinny jeans!! don't you just love rainy day templates? love your design!