Saturday, December 19, 2009

The First 15 Seconds

There can be something about a song that can hook me in the first 15 seconds and I am a fan for life. I could be listening to a CD in my car and anticipate it's arrival and still find myself falling for it as if it was the first time. The surprise airing from the radio is exhilarating and feels like a gift, as corny as that sounds. Seeing as I don't have any musical ability in the form of voice or playing, I really am appreciative of these artists and bands for what they have to offer. Especially on days I really just want to feel good, get amped up, or need it to sit in an hour of traffic on the way home. For example:

Jessie's Girl: If you have ever been to a wedding/bar/place that allows any sort of movement with Kerri and I, you know that this song has a magical effect on us. We practically jump out of wherever we are sitting to bust a move to Mr. Springfield. And the reason for me? Those first few chords of the guitar. Scott actually watched it physically happen one time out eating post-surgery and it torturous as I could not showcase any dance moves for the song, which means the next time I hear it outside my car, there will be time for compensating...

Sweet Home Alabama: Again, it's all about those first few guitar chords that are infamous for me pleading with Scott to two-step with me. Such a feel-good song, and generally loved by most.

Old Time Rock & Roll: It did it for Tom, Heidi, Kobe (only found that out by Googling just now), Taylor, and me. Classic rock song. Enough said. It's that piano at the beginning that always bring me out of my seat and onto the dance floor.

Starlight: I'd be remiss if Muse was not on the list, and this song in particular, with its signature bass beginnings, just puts a smile on my face and visions of a rockstar in my head. Their entire albums can sit on repeat in my car and I never tire of them.

Sweet Child o' Mine: Now this is arguably the most recognizable guitar riff in history. Shall I explain any further?

Not surprisingly, all of these songs were incorporated at our wedding, even Muse. Newer songs are slowly making the list too, but I have to give it a few years so I know that it's not just a top 100 hit of today. It's all about 15 seconds of staying power.

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